Mum begs for help over 5-year-old sons homework – but people spot oo mistake

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A confused mum desperately asked for help with her five-year-old son's school homework after admitting she couldn't work out the right answer.

Although the question was aimed at students in Year One, the parent was left scratching her head, wondering if she was "losing her mind."

The mum shared a snap of the schoolwork to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas, where hundreds of parents chimed in to help.

Begging for an answer, she wrote: "Help! I either can’t do my son's year 1 homework or the question/pictures are not right. I am hoping it’s just wrong and I’m not losing my mind."

The question asked: "Write the word that matches the picture using the 'oo' sound."

Beneath the question there was four pictures – a king, a swing set and what appears to be a weightlifter and two pencils.

The question left many other parents baffled as they speculated what the correct answer might be.

One wrote: "I work with year 1's and can't even think what they are lol."

While another added: "Please let us know when you find out, this is going to haunt me all day."

Although the question should have been simple enough, many pointed out one major mistake which caused the confusion.

Rather than the answer using the 'oo' sound, it should actually say 'ng'.

This gives the correct answers which are king, swing, strong and long.

Many highlighted the error after having a go at it themselves.

"It’s a typo – should be ‘ng’ king, swing, strong, long," one wrote.

And another agreed: "Think misprint. Meant to be ng."

After reading the comments, the mum later added: "So I think we have come to the conclusion the pictures are wrong as they relate to the ‘ng’ sound when they should be the ‘oo’ sound. I’m not going crazy."

Many continued to poke fun at the error and came up with their own answers instead.

"Rooler, woo-hoo, sooper strong and doodler," one person quipped.

As another joked: "Just add a oo to each one for fun.Koong. Swoong stroong loong."

A third mocked: "I can't do it either. I thought it was king, swing, weight lifter and pencils."

Some parents took it a little more seriously.

One moaned: "So a fair few adults completely confused how on Earth is a 5 year old supposed to do this? Even if it is ‘ng’ sound the ‘strong’ woman is pretty ambiguous and can’t see where pencil fits in at all??"

While another added: "It doesn't say all words have the oo sound. Just match the ones that do. So it's wood under pencil."

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