McDonald's customer shares the 'best way' to eat a Cheeseburger:

McDonald’s fan reveals the ‘best and only way’ to eat a Cheeseburger: ‘It is out of this world, you’ve been doing it wrong’

  •  Angeeats reveals his best Maccas hack
  •  He tweak a Double Cheeseburger

A foodie has revealed the ‘best’ way to eat a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger and claims with a little prep the flavour can be ‘out of this world’.

Angelo, known and AngeEats online, claims adding a hash brown and Sweet’N’Sour sauce to the burger makes all the difference.

But the Melbourne-based foodie also likes to order his bun steamed, not toasted, when making the creative tweaks to his meal.

‘This combination is out of this world,’ he said.

He shows off exactly how to make the changes in a video, pulling off the top bun, adding the hash brown and pouring the sauce on top before putting the bun back in place.

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Angelo has revealed his favourite way to eat a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

‘Look at tis, that’s my go-to, it is amazing,’ he said.

His burger hack has been seen by over half a million people – with dozens confirming they won’t eat the burgers any other way.

‘I tried this a few months back, this guy is not wrong,’ one man said.

‘Amazing I need to add a hash brown next time,’ said another. 

Some weren’t convinced.

‘You ruined this with the sweet and sour sauce,’ one said.

‘Sweet and sour sauce with beef? That man should be locked up,’ said another. 

 Others complained their country has different rules when it comes to what can be served.

‘Sounds good bro, but we can only order hash browns for breakfast until 11am in the UK and we can’t order burgers until after 11am,’ one man said.

He places the hash brown in the burger and then pours the sauce on top – before replacing the top bun

The foodie also called for other people to share their Maccas hacks for him to try another day.

‘I love a double sausage muffin with extra cheese and a hash brown in between,’ one woman said.

‘The GOAT- Double Quarter Pounder with a steamed bun and McChicken sauce,’ said another.

‘McChicken, steamed bun, two cheese slices and two bacon slices. It is so good,’ added a third. 

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