Mans life ruined by hospital test as he learns wife is actually his sister

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    A man was horrified to learn he’s related to his wife.

    As he was adopted at birth, he didn’t know much about his family tree.

    The husband didn’t make the disturbing realisation until six years after walking own the aisle, when he went for medical testing.

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    On Reddit, the anonymous bloke wrote: "My wife got sick just after our son was born and now is in need of a kidney transplant. We checked with her relatives and none were a match or a viable donor.

    "I knew it would be a long shot so I decided to get tested to see if I could donate. I got a call the other day saying that I was a match.

    "The doctor then said something about wanting to do additional testing due to some information from the HLA (human leukocyte antigen) tissue test results. I didn't think much of it and agreed."

    Following further tests, the chap was told he had an “abnormally high match percentage” with his partner.

    He said: "It was rare to have a high match as husband and wife. I asked what does that mean.”

    Then it dawned on him – he was likely half sibling to his wife.

    He added: "We're related – no, I'm not kidding. I don't know what to do moving forward but I know it may be wrong. She is my wife and the mother of our kids."

    After turning to Reddit for advice, people were quick to share their opinions on the uncomfortable situation.

    One commenter said: "Oof what a difficult position to be in. I feel bad for the poor guy, not only because he is either half siblings or first cousins with his wife, but also because he cannot tell her yet what’s going on.

    "If she needs that kidney that urgently it makes sense that her general well being couldn’t handle such a bomb right now.

    "I wouldn’t be able to see my father in law in the same way after this. I also wonder if they’ll ever tell the kids. What a mess"

    Another wrote: "I mean at this point you are married with children already – you can't take that back so I don't see much point in blowing worlds up, I guess."

    And a third agreed: "Everything's been great this long, no point changing it."

    After the post went viral, the husband returned to Reddit to give an update on the situation.

    He's decided to keep everything a secret and to go ahead with the kidney transplant procedure.

    The Redditor added: "I'm not going to bring this up ever. I might look at my FIL differently but nothing will hopefully change. I hope none of the family goes on Reddit and connects the dots.

    "I am donating my kidney to my wife. We have started the full process. That takes time and a lot of preparation.

    "I plan on talking to my wife after the surgery and after recovery. We will decide what to do with our kids. If we are going to get them tested or ever tell them. I will not be leaving my wife.

    "I love and will always be there for her. I made vows and I will keep them. I love her more than I would a half-sister."


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