Man who married 8 wives then divorced 4 has Christmas sex fast to renew energy

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    A model who recently divorced four out of his eight wives opened up about his festive sex fast.

    Arthur O Urso first hit headlines for spilling details on his wedding ceremony to multiple women in São Paulo, Brazil.

    He's fairly open about his relationship after he discussed details of a sex rota with his special ladies to split time equally.

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    However he got rid of the schedule soon after and even more recently the model broke up with four of his wives.

    But things are still going strong with the rest of his ladies – and there's one way to keep the passion alive.

    Speaking to Daily Star, Arthur revealed how a sex fast between Christmas and New Year helps his marriages.

    According to the model, abstaining from passion between the sheets helps renew energy.

    His ritual is aimed at increasing sexual potency – and when he rekindles his bedroom antics, he wears new underwear.

    He explained: "The next day, I get discard the underwear at the foot of a banana tree and walk away from it.

    "I'll never return to the same position."

    Since he's looking for new wives, Arthur also practices another ritual.

    Whenever he wants to pursue a woman, he grinds raw white rice, dips it in water and discards the grains.

    After he saved the rice water and adds one white rose, one red rose and a yellow rose.

    Next he adds a tablespoon of honey and finally stirs the mixture.

    Finally, Arthur takes his regular bath at night then pours the liquid from his neck, allows it to dry before going to sleep.

    He admitted: "This is one of the tactics I use to find love."

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    Arthur first hid headlines after holding a ceremony at a Catholic church to make his polyamorous relationship official.

    At the time, nine women embarked on his adventure, but one wife gave up a few months later.

    The following year, Arthur moved to João Pessoa to begin construction of his "Mansion of Free Love".

    He designed the house so he could live with his eight wives.

    After the break-ups, Arthur claimed he'd find new partners to occupy the "huge house with a giant bed".

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