Lottie Moss wows fans as she ditches trademark blonde for pink hair makeover

Lottie Moss has wowed her fans with a new pastel hair makeover, ditching her usual blonde in favour of a pink shade.

The 24 year old shared several clips with her new pink hair to Instagram Stories, posing in front of a mirror and on an evening out with friends.

Lottie also shared a couple of pictures with her new hair colour. Seemingly referencing Alice In Wonderland she captioned the snaps, “Have u seen a white rabbit?”

“Is that… is that you Lottie?” One fan quipped, as another added, “You look gorgeous”.

Meanwhile a third fan chimed in with, “Ooop you didn’t have to but you did,” as a fourth commented, “Beautiful photos Lottie”.

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It’s likely that the hair makeover is the result of a semi permanent wash in colour, as the model’s usual blonde hair colour makes it easy to experiment with various temporary pastel shades.

Of course, Lottie isn’t the only famous face to change up their signature hair colour recently.

Davina McCall shocked fans when she stepped out with blonde extensions for a recent TV appearance in a dramatic change to her usual brunette hair.

Appearing on The Masked Singer judging panel, Davina’s faux balayage was the handiwork of her boyfriend hairdresser Michael Douglas, and fans were trying their best to convince her to make the blonde colour a permanent measure.

“Looking awesome, especially the barnet. Ever thought about doing the full blonde?” one asked, as another encouraged, “You should do this hair for real #love”.

Meanwhile pop icon Britney Spears has also jumped on the pastel hair trend, dyeing her usual blonde hair purple in an early-spring ready move.

Posing with waist-length waves, she captioned the snaps “Here’s me with purple hair. I’m bored, ok? Very bored, so my nail girl said do it. Girl, I did it but not sure I like it but hey. Here’s me in a 100 dollar mini dress with my boots.”

We wonder which celeb will treat themselves to a hair makeover next? We predict more pastel hair makeovers on the horizon…

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