Logic & Eminem Link Up For Hard-Hitting Collab Track ‘Homicide’ — Listen

Just 2 days after he was dissed by Justin Bieber, Eminem hopped on a wild new track with Logic & proved that he refuses to be dethroned — or listen to raps that ‘someone else wrote.’

No beef here! Eminem, 46, may have it out for a number of his fellow rappers, but Logic isn’t one of then. The two MCs teamed up for a new track, “Homicide,” on May 3, and it’s a vicious hit at their haters — and competitors. “Can a single one of you motherf***ers even rap? Sh** / No, this ain’t a diss to the game, it’s a gas to the flame / Nowadays, everybody sound the same, sh**’s lame,” Logic rapped, who passed on the mic for Eminem to also lay some shade: “I don’t want to f***in’ listen to you spit your raps someone else wrote.”

The song arrived two days after Justin Bieber, 25, took aim at Eminem in an Instagram post. “I just like Em’s flow but don’t like that he’s dissing new rappers. I like the new generation of rap he just doesn’t understand it,” Justin wrote in his IG stories. The post was shared just after The Biebs revealed that he was bumping the controversial album Kamikaze on his plane ride. The collaboration with Logic was most likely in the works before the diss, but the lyrics are seemingly the perfect response!

New music isn’t the only thing Logic has been working on. The rapper released his first novel, Supermarket, in March. HollywoodLife caught up with the star after the release to get the lowdown on what inspired him to pen the book. “I decided to write a book  because I just wanted to write and express myself in a different way, you know what I mean? Especially dealing with anxiety and depression,” he tells us.”And things I dealt with when I was a lot younger. I wanted to do it in a positive way. I didn’t want to turn to drugs and alcohol and try to drown my sorrows,” the rapper told us.

Listen to Logic’s new song with Eminem above! Fans can look forward to even more new music from the rapper in 2019.  “Fans can expect references to social media, that is a big thing,” he told HollywoodLife of his new album’s theme.

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