Lil Nas X Reveals He's Dating 'The One,' Talks Homophobia and Feeling Unsafe After Call Me Video Dropped

“There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out,” the rapper said about his safety.

Lil Nas X has revealed he’s in a relationship and is dating “the one.”

In a wide-ranging Q&A with Variety, in which the rapper answered over two dozen questions about gay culture, Lil Nas X got candid about his dating history and relationships, sharing that he’s found someone “special.”

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“I’ve had some good boyfriends, some bad ones,” the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” artist, 22, explained. “A lot of them [were] emotionally unavailable and whatnot. A lot of insecurity between them. But yeah, I found somebody special now.”

“I think this is the one. I can’t explain it. It’s a feeling,” added Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill.

The two-time Grammy winner went on to chat about the LGBTQ+ dating app, Grindr, sharing that he actually met his first boyfriend on the app.

When asked if he was recognized on there, Lil Nas X said, “I wasn’t famous. I didn’t even do music yet. This is in college. I believe [age] 18. Before that, I had a guy who — it wasn’t my boyfriend, but we met in high school, we met in middle school, and we talked after we both found out that each other were gay or whatnot.”

The “Old Town Road” rapper — who came out as gay during Pride Month 2019 — revealed that he knew he was gay when he was “maybe like” five years old.

“I had feelings for my sister’s cousin on her father’s side. We have different dads,” he recalled. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God. He’s really cute.’ Not only that, a lot of other boys my age, I was, like, ‘Oh, this boy is cute.'” However, Lil Nas X added that he “didn’t act on anything until middle school, but then high school.”

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The musician was also asked about a particular lyric in his song “Holiday,” in which he “[came] out as a bottom,” admitting that the “phrasing is 100% accurate.”

“I feel like even within the gay community, people see bottoming as a joke or something,” Lil Nas X explained. “And somebody who bottoms is beneath a top or something. The idea of that, I feel like, is a form of misogyny between men, you know? It doesn’t make any sense, and people attribute certain traits to whichever sexual position you decide to take. A lot of people say, ‘It’s just a joke.” But all jokes have truths to them.”

Meanwhile, the “Panini” rapper also opened up about how homophobia has influenced him as an artist.

“It bred a lot of self-hate, but it also made me stronger once I started getting over it,” he said. “I was 17 or 18 [when] I finally accepted [being gay], and slowly, more and more, I’ve grown into that person who is 100% open with it.”

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Lil Nas X decided to “pass” on answering a question about homophobia in the music industry. However, after he was then asked if he had any thoughts on rapper DaBaby’s anti-LGBTQ+ comments he made at a music festival last month, Lil Nas X explained why he doesn’t want to say much on the subject.

“The honest truth is, I don’t want to speak on a lot of the homophobia within rap and whatnot because I feel like this is a very dangerous playing field, you know?” he said. “It’s more for my own safety rather than anything else.”

The VMA winner went on to further discuss his safety, admitting that he “absolutely” feels unsafe in public “a lot of the [time].”

“Especially once the ‘Call Me’ video came out,” he added. “There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out, and they were like, ‘F— you!’ or something like that. They started to follow the car. That’s when I started getting security. … I feel like it couldn’t be a coincidence — the timing of that and the video.”

Check out the full Q&A here.

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