Keep newspapers in the freezer to reduce energy bills this winter

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Savings expert at discounts platform Deal.Town, Sam Whillance, explained Britons can easily keep costs down this winter with some clever storage hacks.

The expert revealed that keeping the freezer full makes the appliance work more efficiently, which means money is saved on energy bills.

This is a very easy hack anyone can try at home and the best part is that Britons don’t need to buy a lot of food for this, but the freezer can be filled with anything, literally.

Sam recommended using “newspapers” as “a great item if you want to keep your freezer full”.

He explained: “Simply move food items towards the outer sides of your freezer and stuff the interior spaces with newspaper. This way, you are keeping your freezer at maximum capacity.”

Old newspapers or magazines can be used for this purpose but any kind of paper will do the job.

Alternatively, Amazon sells packs of recycled paper for just £3.

Another item he advised people can use to keep the freezer full is “packaging peanuts”.

The expert explained: “Small pieces of Styrofoam, often used to fill up space, provide cushioning, and help prevent shock in moving boxes. They are also, in fact, a great space filler for a freezer.”

People can buy bags of “packaging peanuts” for under £5 on Amazon or eBay.

Sam said that “stocking up your freezer can save money in several ways” as keeping it full and compact reduces energy consumption.

He explained how that works: “Most of the energy your freezer uses goes towards cooling down the air that comes in when you open the freezer door.

“So, when your freezer is full, there is less room for warmer air to come in, and the items that are in there will help to cool down any warmer air that does sneak in.”

Other items people can use for this are ice blocks or bags with water, the expert recommended.

He said: “If you do not have enough food inside the freezer to keep it full, using things such as ziplock bags filled with water, ice blocks or even just bags of ice can help prevent warmer air from entering. These items are cheap and effective.”

Sam continued: “Foods you stock up your freezer with can help lower the costs of running it.

“By organising your freezer space, using more frozen products, and freezing leftover fresh food where possible, we can reduce our food waste and save money.

“Essentially, keeping it full and compact means less energy will be used – reducing your bills,” he said.

Finally, Sam also advised people to unclutter the fridge, “especially near the ventilating outlets as keeping space at the top and sides of your fridge helps the cool air move around easier”.

“Try organising your goods so you can still pack just as much in while keeping track of everything you’ve got.

“Any bulky foods can be repacked into reusable freezer bags – try squeezing the air out and sealing,” he explained.

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