Juno the Slam Dunking Zoo Otter Needs to Be in Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2 is happening with LeBron James taking over for Michael Jordan, and we would like to recommend one more addition: Juno the Slam Dunking Otter.

Juno isn’t on any NBA team, she’s a free agent at the Oregon Zoo just waiting for the right moment to go pro. Keepers at the zoo originally taught Juno how to dunk, but this otter has turned the impressive skill into her own signature move.

In the video above, Juno happily dominates the hoop — note how she maintains eye contact with the camera as she slams the tiny ball through the net — over and over again.

According to the Oregon Zoo, this furry rookie is a 5-year-old southern sea otter.

Along with keeping Juno entertained and active, practicing her slam dunks could also help the animal fight off arthritis as she gets older.

Keep dunking, Juno!


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