Jersey Boys review – Four Seasons musical will have you Beggin for more

Jersey Boys tease 2021 return to the West End

The West End revival of Broadway’s Jersey Boys has been rebooted with a new cast as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons after a couple of years back in London.

This paint-by-numbers music biopic rise and fall storyline is nothing new, but the jukebox greatest hits are a true delight.

This is especially thanks to Luke Suri masterfully handling Valli’s challenging falsetto throughout.

Watching his lead, Karl James Wilson’s Nick Massi, Peter Nash’s Tommy De Vito and Declan Egan’s Bob Gaudio belt out the likes of Oh What A Night, Sherry and Beggin’ while dancing in perfect time is very impressive. It’s just a shame we rarely had a song in full.

As slick as their moves and harmonies though are the seamless switches between scenes, as we witnessed the original Four Seasons come together and hit the big time.

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The main quartet are understandably the focus throughout but there’s not a lot for the supporting actresses to do besides being love interests and additional dancers.

Also, being a smaller venue, this revival of Jersey Boys is performed on a form of reduced staging with stairs and a metal platform.

It’s a shame there’s not more to the scenery than this and some WordArt wording projected behind the cast looks a little naff.

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Nevertheless, the cast and band make the most of it and challenge the audience to use their imagination.

To be honest, we were all swept up in the sheer musical talent and swiftness between scenes anyway.

Jersey Boys is booking at the Trafalgar Theatre until January 28, 2024, here.

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