James Corden's Mom Is Feeling a Little Left Out This Mother's Day, As She Co-Hosts Late Show

Corden’s mother, Margaret, also asked “Late Late Show” guest, Max Greenfield, a very important question.

James Corden had a very special co-host on Thursday night’s “The Late Late Show” — his mom, Margaret!

Ahead of Mother’s Day in the US, the late-night host invited his mother to co-host the show via Zoom. The two participated in a Mother’s Day edition of his segment “Side Effects May Include,” during which they discussed the “side effects” of different things, such as being apart for two Mother’s Days and Corden putting his mom “to work” on his show over the years.

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Corden and his mother — who video-conferenced in from England — first chatted about being separated for not one, but two, Mother’s Days this year as the UK already celebrated the holiday in March.

“If you’re thinking of celebrating Mother’s Day, but [you’ve been] living on a different continent than your mother, you should know that there are side effects,” Corden began, “and those side effects may include sending your mother flowers on March 14th for UK Mother’s Day.”

“Flowers! So sweet. By the way, I love the necklace you bought your wife,” Margaret quipped, to which Corden said he sent his mom more flowers for the upcoming Mother’s Day in the US.

“Flowers! Again. They’re beautiful — almost as beautiful as the emeralds in your wife’s necklace,” Margaret added.

The “final side effect” of being separated from your mom on Mother’s Day? “Getting these f—— pair of slippers,” Margaret jokingly commented, holding up a pair of leopard print slippers.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you swear, Mum,” Corden replied.

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After the pair discussed the side effects of “being your mom’s favorite,” Corden and his mom explained what could happen when a son puts his mom “to work on his show.” The mother-son duo then took a look back at some of Margaret’s iconic past appearances on “The Late Late Show,” specifically her epic celebrity encounters, including meeting DJ Khaled, hanging out with Harry Styles, sitting on Nick Jonas’ lap and sharing a “sensual snack” with Orlando Bloom.

See more of Margaret’s amazing “side effects” of appearing on Corden’s show in the clip, above.

Meanwhile, also during the show, Margaret showed off her interview skills when she asked one of Thursday’s “Late Late Show” guests, actor Max Greenfield, a very important question.

“What did you get for your mom for her last birthday?” Margaret asked, to which Corden chimed in saying that question felt “loaded.”

However, Greenfield was happy to answer the question and spoke about a lavish getaway to Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Santa Barbara.

“You know the Rosewood in Santa Barbara?” Greenfield asked Corden. “[It’s] just one of the most beautiful — expensive — but beautiful [places]. And what they have is — again, you pay extra but it’s your mom — they have these rooms that overlook the beach…It’s unbelievable.”

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When Corden asked the “New Girl” star if he just bought his mom “one night” at the hotel, Greenfield replied, “Well, you want to send them on a Thursday and then have them go through…you like them to spend all of Sunday and wake up on a Monday there.”

“Five nights at a five-star hotel,” Corden said, letting it sink in. Margaret then shared her priceless reaction. “Interesting,” she said with a smile, to which Corden said they had to take a commercial break.

While it’s unclear if Greenfield actually treated his mom to a trip to the luxury hotel or if he was just pulling Corden’s leg, Margaret definitely seemed to be impressed. And it looks like Corden may need to step it up for his mom’s birthday next year.

Watch it all go down in the clip, above!

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