Inside Amir Khan’s marriage to wife Faryal from cheating scandal to luxury ‘lad pad’

Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom have had their fair share of marriage woes since they wed in 2013.

The boxer, 35, and his wife, 30, are now parents to Lamaisah, six, Alayna, two, and one-year-old Muhammad Zaviyar.

Despite having a more settled marriage now, there was a time where the pair were facing many troubles, which Faryal opened up about in the couple’s new BBC series Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton.

While Amir now admits he is a ‘changed man’, Faryal recalls that he took her to ‘hell and back’ especially when rumours surfaced that he cheated on her days after they welcomed Alayna together.

Amir called claims he was unfaithful ‘nonsense’, saying that a girl he met in a club named Sophia was a fan annoyed that he refused to pose for a photo with her.

Faryal has always been honest about her marriage and once told fans on Instagram that marrying at 21 was too young.

She added that she wished she enjoyed her youth ‘a bit more because it never comes back’.

Amir and Faryal got married in May 2013 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York and later celebrated with a traditional Islamic Walima ceremony in front of 4,000 guests in Bolton.

Four years after their marriage, in 2017, the pair briefly split after both accusing each other of cheating.

There ensued a public fall-out which involved Amir’s parents who labelled Faryal ‘evil’ and a bad mother.

However, the family and Amir and Faryal reconciled with things going from strength to strength and they welcomed their third child last year.

Previously, Amir and Faryal took OK! into their home where Amir showed off his ‘lad pad’.

He said: "I swear its the best thing ever. I do think having a separate house has also made our relationship stronger, because you’re not in each other’s face all the time.

"I still need my own space sometimes, to have my friends over and have a little chill. And Faryal can do the same."

While Faryal admitted that having separate mattresses is one of the favourite things in her home.

Former law student Faryal has had to deal with a lot of accusations on social media including ones that she is a 'gold digger'

She said: 'So when you hear people say, ‘Oh, she's a gold digger’ or, ‘She's a doormat’ and stuff, it's so hurtful.'

Ahead of their new series the pair took part in a playful video where they joked over who is the messier of the two and agreed that Amir is the one who apologises first after an argument.

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