India Shawn Gets ‘Empowered’ While ‘Movin’ On’ In Magical New Video Directed by Anderson .Paak

With the help of a horse, some yoga, and a surprise Anderson .Paak cameo, singer India Shawn is ‘Movin’ On’ in her new video, which she EXCLUSIVELY tells us is all about finding ‘healing in letting go.’

We’ve all be there, in one way or another. Be it from a messy split, a letter informing you that they’re going with a different candidate for the position, or realizing a friend’s ghosted on you after you thought they were true, everyone has felt some kind of pain that lingers. To live is to experience this trauma, and India Shawn works through some of her own in “Movin’ On,” her new music video. In the visual, out today (Aug. 28), the “Not Too Deep” singer finds herself over her head in heartache after seeing her ex-boyfriend – a certain Anderson .Paak – live his best life on Instagram.

After a messy wedding reception – one that ends with India covered in cake after an awkward interaction with the band (portrayed by the Free Nationals) – we find her finding inner peace during yoga class. Or has she? Like a bad hallucination, the memories of her ex haunt her, in the form of Anderson appearing first as the flower girl, then as the bride, and finally, as one very flexible yoga instructor. Instead of being trapped by her feelings, India escapes – literally – on a horse. Magical realism meets Black Girl Magic meets Black Lives Matter (scope out the fist on the back of India’s jacket) to produce one of the best videos of the year. Considering this Anderson .Paak’s first time directing, it’s quite an incredible debut. Along with Anderson and the Free Nationals, the video also has cameos from recording artists Ambé and Kirby. 

It also helps that he’s working with India. Her charisma is undeniable whenever she’s on the screen – and when she’s on this track. “Movin’ On,” the song, is pure, unbridled joy. India’s voice shines, especially when delivering a chorus so bouncy and freeing, it’s hard not to smile when listening to it. “Movin’ on like I should, I just wanna feel good. / I been down I’m gettin’ over that / going up til I’m over that!” she sings, and India shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife that the heart of the song lies within that one word –that. “‘That’ looks different for everyone,” she says. “For me, it was moving past a really bad breakup, fully letting it go from an empowered place. There’s so much healing in letting go and moving forward into new possibilities.  I want us all to sing this one together. This is for all of us!”

Everyone will soon be singing along with India, if they aren’t already. Though 2020 has seen its ups and downs, one of the year’s highlights will be the music coming from this California native. After signing with Epic Records in 2019, India – who spent previous years working as an in-demand songwriter in both the Atlanta and L.A. scenes – got her solo career back on track.

She released two songs on the major label in April: “Not Too Deep” which had her team up with 6LACK to go on an introspective journey about living life without burden; and “Cali Love” was about, as she told HollywoodLife, how she hasn’t “had great luck dating” in L.A. At least, after the next Bumble date goes bust, she’ll be able to move on without any problem.

“Movin’ On” is out now.

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