I think about losing my mum every day and it’s totally stressing me out

DEAR DEIDRE: I THINK about losing my mum every day and it’s totally stressing me out. My mum is 86. Although she has a few health concerns, she is doing well for her age.

I’m her 49-year-old daughter. It’s becoming so bad I am losing sleep over it. I cannot understand why I think like this. I don’t want to talk to anyone about it as I don’t think they will understand.

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Sometimes I hope I will die before my mum so I don’t have to go through the pain of losing her. I know that sounds selfish, but it’s the way I feel and I can’t help it.

DEIDRE SAYS: Death is an inevitable part of life that everyone must learn to accept. The fear of losing a parent is common, and death can be a traumatic experience at any age.

Try to focus on the positive and the present. Cherish the times you have with your mum instead of worrying about the time you won’t have.

My support pack on anxiety will help you to manage these feelings.

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