I let my kids swear and its improved my relationship with my 10-year-old

A mum revealed why she lets her children swear.

Penny Brand thinks expletives are fine as long as they’re not used to hurt another person.

She told abc.net: “I realise this is controversial, but with a couple of rules in place (never swear AT someone or at school) it's working well for us.

“In our house, using a swear word can be cathartic, funny, encourage more honest communication, increase pain tolerance and release pent-up emotions.

“I never want my kids to censor what they tell me because I'm judging their language.”

Penny, from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, believes relaxing rules on swearing has strengthened the relationship she has with her daughter.

The mum-of-two says swearing has helped her 10-year-old to share her true feelings without filtering them.

She explained: “She knows she can be authentic with me and it means she tells me more so that I can help her out…

"They can get in the car and say they had a ’s*** day’ or that something was ‘f***ing awesome’ without me ignoring what they're trying to communicate to scold them for swearing — that's tone-deaf parenting in my books."

Penny isn’t the only parent who isn’t fazed about having potty-mouthed kids.

Previously, a mum called Alissa admitted she lets her daughter curse without punishing her.

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She told Cafe Mom: "As parents who believe in doing our best to model the behaviour we expect out of our children, it would be hypocritical to hold our child to a standard that neither of us adheres to."

Instead of restricting terms from her daughter’s vocabulary, she wants to teach her that “words have power”.

Once this is realised, kids are less likely to use expletives to insult another person.

It’s also likely it takes the “taboo” out of swearing that makes so many kids want to do it constantly.

So would you relax rules on your kids swearing? Let us know in the comments below.

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