I identify as a cat and even wear ears during sex – my husband loves it

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A woman who went viral for identifying as a cat has now married her partner – and the 21 year age gap still doesn't bother them.

Kat Lyons claims that identifying as a cat finally allowed her to be herself and said it brought her closer to her husband.

The 33-year-old from America met Robrecht Berg, 54, an aerospace engineer, at Comic Con in 2019.

The duo, who experiment in the bedroom by dressing up and trying "pet play", love each other despite what others may think.

Kat told the Daily Star: "It's not a typical relationship. We have a 21 year age gap so we have some differences in life because of it. But we are best friends. We get along so well. We both have a very goofy sense of humour so we are both always laughing."

The couple were married in October of this year, with Kat saying their wedding was "far from traditional".

"It was a handfasting ceremony. I wore jewel cat ears and my husband wore a kilt," she explained.

A handfasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolise the binding of two lives. It is most often included in Wiccan or Pagan ceremonies.

"I just hope my story continues to give people confidence in themselves and in being themselves, even if it's dressing up as a cat girl every day," she said.

"I also want to bring more support to the age gap relationship community since mine is one too. We are living proof there is such thing as happily ever after, even for a cat."

Speaking about the first time he met Kat, Rob said: “She might have been wearing ears at the time but I didn't notice that that much – not until later talking to her on Messenger I found out that she was more into the kitten side of things and did that regularly since she was a teenager.

"This is the same as cosplayers – people do what they like to do."

Kat opened up to Rob about her life as a cat at the very beginning of their relationship.

The couple incorporates BDSM into their relationship and although Rob had previously never tried it before, he describes it as "neat".

"We experiment quite a bit on the sexual side," Rob explained.

"It's one of the things that possible experimentation areas. Pet play was something new to me that Kat introduced me to.

"I was willing to be experimental and try new things. The master side of it I'm not as comfortable with but willing to do that a little bit too."

In their relationship, Kat mostly takes a submissive role and considers Rob her "master", but she stresses she gets a lot of pleasure from it.

She said: "I like wearing the collar every day – a collar to represent just him. Being owned by him."

It wasn’t until Kat was in high school that she identified as a cat but she says she always felt different.

She explained: “I've always worn cat ears. It started when I was in high school, I don't remember exactly what age I was but it [came from] an anime.

"I was like, 'Oh, that's cool. I want to be that in real life'. So I just started applying that to my real life.

"I don't think I started the ears, tail, the collar and all that stuff until later on in life. I was bullied a lot for wearing the ears and just being a nerd. So I kind of kept it a little bit hidden."

Kat, who loves wearing furry ears and an artificial tail, said that for her pet play is not only sexual, but it's also her lifestyle.

She explained: "When I first got into pet play, I just felt a sense of home. I've always felt like I was a cat. When I'm in my kitten mode I'm happy. It's my space.

"Growing up I had to pretend to be normal and not be the cat person but now I get to be myself, I get to express myself, I get to climb if I want to climb, I can if I want to drink out of a bowl, I can if I want to wear a collar, if I want to wear my ears, I can do it.

"I don't have anybody stopping me saying: 'Okay, well, you need to be normal'. Now I can just be myself."

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