I got a tattoo on first date with my Tinder match and people were surprised

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    A woman and her Tinder match left people surprised when they decided to get tattoos on their first date.

    Ally, from Australia, said it all happened in a spur of moment but she didn't regret doing so.

    "This is your sign to do this because it's good for the plot," she wrote in her video.

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    "Me and my Tinder match decided to get tattoos for our first date."

    The TikToker gave viewers a glimpse of her day out with her match but before that she showed her hairdo and makeup.

    While straightening her hair, she said: "I don't even know what I'm getting."

    The pair first headed to Starbucks for a drink, then they went to the beach.

    Before they walked into the tattoo studio, Ally said she still hadn't decided what tat to get.

    After a quick check-in, the video cut to show Ally lying on a chair to let the tattoo artist to do her work on her back.

    Her date decided to have it inked on the inside of his arm instead.

    His inking appeared to be a date and a triangular pattern.

    The two of them went for dinner afterwards and played pool.

    People praised Ally for the idea and many said they also did the same thing when they went on first date.

    One revealed: "I did this with my boyfriend. We've been together four years now and expecting our first child."

    A second added: "I've done this too don't regret it at all!"

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    "I would literally fall in love," a third expressed.

    But one shared: "I did this on a first date too and got immediately ghosted afterwards."

    Another person said she liked the idea, adding: "Every love story either ends in forever or heartbreak, so worth the gamble."


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