I ended up in hospital with vape stuck up my bum – it was so embarrassing

A man was left red-faced after being rushed to hospital with a vaping device stuck in his bum.

Makeup artist George made a post on TikTok on Friday as he sat down and waited for treatment.

He said: "I'm currently sitting at A&E because I've got an Elf Bar up my bum.

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"I'm not even joking, I have to go in for operation to get the Elf Bar out my bum."

Goerge shook his head and added: "One of the most embarrassing moments of my life."

The video hit more than 1.2 million in just 24 hours and viewers shared their thoughts in the comments.

"I'm a SH nurse during lockdown, had a patient come in with a snooker ball stuck. Glory to masks hiding laughs in my job," one wrote.

Another couldn't get his head around and asked: "How? And can't you do a number two to get it out?"

"Things we do for some actions these days," a third said and a fourth joked: "Thank God for the national elf service."

"Imagine going work and somebody's farting cherry-flavoured smoke at you," one added.

George didn't reply but was seen posting a livestream on Saturday, Feburary 25.

While blasting music in the background, the artist didn't give updates regarding the embarrassing incident but focused on showing fans his makeup routine.

Last month, a woman was hospitalised for three days after her bikini wax went wrong and left her with a huge cyst.

Aby went to her friend for a free hair removal and ended up having an allergy.

"My flap quadrupled and it was hanging down with the weight of what was inside – I couldn't walk, I couldn't put my knickers on, I couldn't put my jeasn on," she said.

The doctors had to put her to sleep so they could squeeze the pus out.


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