I collect haunted dolls and hear them plotting against me

I collect haunted dolls with souls and keep them in my office – I hear them speaking and see them move, but they don’t scare me

  • Debbie Davies, from Cheshire, revealed she has a room full of haunted dolls
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A toy collector has claimed she has a room full of haunted ‘dolls with souls’ which she has rigged up with CCTV to capture the creepy goings on.  

Debbie Davies, from Cheshire, joined Josie Gibson and Rylan Clark on This Morning to explain the spine-chilling phenomenon.

She explained that her creepy dolls often speak to her and claims she’s even managed to film their antics. 

Playing a clip on the show, Debbie was seen leaving her office, which is full of dolls and a faint voice could be heard saying ‘see you soon’. 

She added that she has another clip where a woman’s voice can be heard saying ‘we could trap her.’

Debbie Davies, from Cheshire, explained how she collects haunted ‘dolls with souls’ from all over the world 

Debbie explained: ‘I collect dolls which are a bit spooky, well you know, possessed.’

‘So if somebody has a problem at home, a haunting, which they think the doll is causing it’s because it all started from when they bought the doll, or someone died in the family and they inherited the doll. And then suddenly doors are opening and closing on their own. I take their dolls.’

Asked why she takes the creepy toys she explained: ‘Because I can deal with them, I love it.’ 

‘I actually have an office Wilmslow and I keep all of the dolls there, there is no way I would keep these at home. 

‘There is CCTV cameras on them all the time. There are eight 10 foot shadows in there. They unlock my office door, turn candles on and off.’

To prove the creepy goings on Debbie shared some of the spooky CCTV footage online with her followers. 

Debbie added: ‘The CCTV camera picks up their voices and I am always talking to them, and the ghosts in that room, and they talk back to me.

‘I have more CCTV footage actually which is even clearer, which is a woman’s voice saying “we could trap her”.

Debbie revealed she has a room full of haunted ‘dolls with souls’ which she has rigged up with CCTV to capture the creepy goings on

She joined Josie Gibson and Rylan Clark on This Morning to explain the spine-chilling phenomenon

While chatting host Josie noticed that the doll, which Debbie was holding, eyes moved

After watching the unnerving clip, Rylan said: ‘Let me get this right, is this the doll making noises?’ to which Debbie replied: ‘The ghosts that possess the dolls.’

During their chat, host Josie noticed the eyes of the doll Debbie was holding were moving. 

Josie said: ‘Did her eyes just move a minute? I swear her eyes just went to one side.’

Debbie explained that the doll, named Clarabelle, was her ‘most active’ doll, meaning she moves her eyes often. 

She said: ‘There is no button to press anywhere to move her eyes and sat still her eyes should not move. She’s alive.

‘Sometimes her eyes are really rapidly blinking while she is sat still.’

After asking if they are safe having the dolls in the studio Debbie reassured the hosts. 

She said: ‘Yeah you are safe, there are prayers, holy water and rosary beads that they have travelled with, there is nothing demonic about them.’ 

Debbie went onto say she would never sell her dolls unless it was to someone ‘very experienced in the paranormal world’ because it would be too dangerous to give them to a ‘normal person.’

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