I charge people to listen to my Scottish accent – Im called sexy Highland cow

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French is commonly believed to be the language of love.

So you may have never considered that a Scottish accent could get people just as hot under the (tartan) collar.

Scottish OnlyFans model and camgirl Nova Jewels has found that her accent goes down a treat with her adoring clients.

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The 26-year-old earns around £3,000 a month from stripping down and teasing her naughty fans.

Nova previously revealed that she can earn cash from purely just insulting men or filming herself having a wee.

But the X-rated model is now branching out by selling voice notes – as men get turned on by her Scottish accent.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Nova has revealed how some men have a Scottish kink – and which words get the most attention.

The kinky babe shared: “I am forever getting told that my accent is sexy and that people could listen to me talking all day. However I do know a lot of people who are probably desperate for me to shut my mouth at times.

“I had never once thought about my accent up until I started TikTok and joined the sex industry. This was when I started to become aware of it and I must admit, all the comments on my voice has actually made me very aware of my accent and made me really love it.

“I started responding to particular comments such as ‘I love the way you say curl’ so I would make a video of me continuously saying that word. ‘I can’t stop listening to the way you say girls’ so I would reply with a video of me constantly saying girls, and so on.

“Other words that people seemed to love me saying were ‘River Island, garlic bread, ready and everybody’.”

Well, as they say, whatever tickles your pickle!

Although she loves her accent, Nova admitted: “I never imagined that it could also be another source of income.

“I charge people on OnlyFans if they want voice notes and a lot of my fans are more than happy to pay for them.

“Voice notes are so much more personal than just a typed out message so it really makes my subscribers feel much more engaged with me.”

Audio clips aren’t the only thing her drooling fans seem to enjoy – as Nova often is asked to don sexy ‘tartan’ outfits.

She said: “My most common request is for me to dress up in sexy tartan outfits. Speaking of which, I actually need to get some of them added onto my wish list so that my fans can treat me to some new sets.

“Apart from that though, I haven’t really had any other specific Scottish requests that I can think of.”

That was until the sizzling hot adult star made a TikTok clip likening herself to a Highland cow – and it seems the Scottish ‘kink’ has stepped up a notch from here.

She said: “I started a joke on TikTok about a year ago and I compared myself to a Highland cow because of the hairstyle that I had done on myself that day.

“I had cut in a fringe and decided to curl it and because of the ginger locks I really did resemble one – and everyone found it hilarious.

“I had a message instantly when I posted the video to say ‘you are the sexiest Highland cow that I have ever seen’.

"I did, at the time, wonder if this was going to result in some bizarre OnlyFans requests but it just stuck to my followers on TikTok requesting more ginger fringe content.

Despite the adoration for the sizzling hot Scot’s accent, not everyone has been so kind to Nova.

She revealed that she was engaging with a client through messaging each other – but things turned sour when she called him up.

When the model confirmed she was Scottish, the client hung up the phone…

“So he clearly liked my face and then the Scottish accent just turned the whole thing sour”, Nova explained.

“It always fascinates me how everyone is so different when it comes to what turns them on and what turns them off. It’s really interesting actually. I love knowing about peoples sexual preferences.

“If people don’t like my accent I always say to them that it doesn’t matter because there won’t be much talking happening in the bedroom anyway.

“That always cracks a few smiles and wins some of them over.

“I wish I was able to talk in different accents. I’m absolutely hopeless at it but if I could do it then I would start taking accent requests, which would solve all the problems if I got more men who didn’t like the Scottish accent.

“Then they could have whatever accent turns them on the most.”

Well, never say never…


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