I bought a £9.99 Cadbury advent calendar and my daughter was disappointed by chocolates smaller than her toe

A FURIOUS mum has blasted Cadbury after her disappointed daughter discovered the chocolates in a £9.99 advent calendar were smaller than her toe.

Anna Devlin bought Kitty, eight, a 3D box of treats at the end of last month.

The schoolgirl waited patiently until December 1 for "some decent chocolate" – but found the calendar only contained tiny pieces instead.

Jokingly recalling the classic 80s 'finger of Fudge' TV advert, 46-year-old Anna said the treats measured to the size of "barely a toe".

She then snapped a funny photo of Kitty's foot next to the sweet treat.

The art teacher, from Winchester in Hampshire, said kids have already had a "s*** few years" as she urged Cadbury chiefs to up their game.

"I think she thought the chocolates were going to be full size as the actual calendar is so big," Anna said.

"She laughed at the size of the Fudge which is what started it all really.


"The picture is a dig at Cadbury. It's not a finger of Fudge – it's barely a toe of Fudge, and an eight-year-old's toe at that.

"The advent calendar is a big exciting part of my daughter's Christmas and it looks big.

"Children are generally a little bit greedy and that's what she wanted. She thought she'd get some decent chocolate every day and it's s***.

"They look substantial in the shops and they cost a tenner. I could have bought two or three tubs of Celebrations and she could have gorged herself on chocolate for that price.

"The advert used to be 'a finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat'. When I saw it, I said, 'What can we measure it against?' and then said 'Your toe!'."

They should avoid disappointing children – they've had a s*** few years

After posting her complaint online, Anna claims several other people commented their own disappointment and has now urged Cadbury to be 'more honest'.

Anna said: "Next year, Cadbury need to be more honest. That's a lot of air that I bought.

"They should avoid disappointing children – they've had a s*** few years with Covid."

Cadbury said they review the mix of chocolates in their advent calendars regularly to ensure customers get an "assortment of their favourites".

However, they admitted there can be "some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes".

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A Cadbury spokesman said: "Every year, we’re excited to share our Christmas products with our Cadbury chocolate fans.

"We review the mix of treats in our advent calendars regularly to ensure we are giving consumers an assortment of their favourites. However, there can be some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes.

"When it comes to the shape of our advent calendars, we love offering new and unique ways for our fans to interact and find their treats, ensuring that all include a fair and proper volume of the chocolate for all to enjoy."

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