How to transform a espresso martini at your next dinner party

Create a ‘wow’ moment at your next dinner party: How to transform the traditional espresso martini into an even tastier cocktail experience

  • The espresso martini has been transformed with a simple hint of lemon 
  • The Disaronno drink is available at Sydney’s Afterpay Australia Fashion Week 
  • But the cocktail can be replicated at home for the perfect evening treat 

The traditional espresso martini has been transformed to create the perfect evening tipple.

The new cocktail by internationally renowned Italian brand Disaronno will be the drink of choice at this year’s Afterpay Australia Fashion Week (AAFW).

The cocktail is smooth much like a traditional espresso martini, but contains refreshing lemon notes.

Those attending the fashion shows in Sydney from May 31 to June 4 will be able to enjoy the beverage, but it can also be replicated at home.   

The reimagined cocktail is smooth much like a traditional espresso martini, but contains refreshing lemon notes

When recreating the cocktail, Disaronno’s brand ambassador Danilo Migliorini was challenged with ‘capturing essence of aperitivo hour on the Italian streets’.

Danilo said: ‘I created this recipe after having a chat with Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of RWB. They told me what they love about Italy, starting with countless beautiful historic churches, and the quality of their coffee and chocolate.

‘Sitting out on the streets in a café and soaking it all in. They also like Espresso Martinis so I took the chance to make their own cocktail based on that, but with a twist. 

For this reason, the cocktail was named ‘A Romance Was Born In Saronno’. 

To make beverage at home you’ll need Disaronno, cold brewed coffee, Tia Maria, Vodka, milk, lemon juice and sugar syrup.

You will also need a conical filter, coffee filter, measuring cups and an empty 1L bottle to shake the ingredients together.

The cocktail is simple to make and would be a great beverage to enjoy when hosting guests on weekends.

How to make the Disaronno ‘A Romance Was Born in Saronno’ cocktail at home:



120ml Cold brewed coffee

80ml Tia Maria

40ml Vodka

240ml Milk

25ml Lemon Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup 1:1 *equal parts of water and sugar  

Tools required:

1 Conical filter

1 Coffee filter

2 x 1lt measuring cups

1 x empty 1L bottle


In one measuring cup, pour the milk, make sure the milk is at room temperature. In the other one, combine all the other ingredients

Slowly pour the combined ingredients into the milk. The mixture will start to curdle, this is perfectly normal

Let this mixture rest for about 30 minutes

On top of the empty 1lt bottle, place in the conical filter and on top of the conical filter place the coffee filter

Slowly start pouring the mixture into the filter and wait for it to filter through, this may take some time

Once the milk punch is filtered, re-filter it to ensure that all the milk residues are gone

Bottle the end result and keep it in the fridge for up to three months

To serve, pour 80ml of batch over ice and give a quick stir

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