Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Saturday, November 4


You get the impression someone is being dishonest, disloyal or deceitful. Trust your intuition. A close relationship shows signs of strain and this has something to do with a third person who has entered the scene without any invitation or encouragement from you.


You suspect someone you had trusted has been lying or is being unfaithful. As much as this upsets you, keep your feelings to yourself for now. You need evidence before voicing your concerns. It is possible that a family member will need therapy or counselling to help them recover from a serious problem.


Your home life is starting to suffer because of some heavy obligations you have elsewhere. Although you aren’t able to reduce these commitments you could think about being more organised in order to get more out of your days. You also need to think about what makes you happy.


You are ready to start taking life easy. You aren’t suffering from exhaustion yet but you can recognise the benefits of making life easier for yourself. All work and no play is taking the pleasure out of your days. Your health will improve when you start relaxing.


Keep a low profile if you are aware of tension in the air and you would rather not get involved. Keep out of the way of people you know are going to be difficult. Turn off your mobile to discourage someone’s calls. Lose yourself in a good book or some creative activity.


Avoid someone at a social gathering whose company always makes you feel nervous and on edge. A housemate will try to persuade you to try new routines or buy new equipment for the home. You will insist on shopping around to make sure decisions are right for everyone who is concerned.


You have been spending a lot of time on social and outside commitments. A housemate will remind you of how you have been neglecting family responsibilities. By this evening you will see the importance of giving loved ones more attention. Rearrange your priorities.


You can boost a youngster’s confidence by offering praise where it is due. You’re tempted to hold back but if someone has achieved something special, let them know you have noticed and you are proud of them. Your praise does not come cheap and they know it.


A difficulty you are going through will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Changes that are happening now will cause a shake-up in your family life and close relationships and although it will cause tension at first, this will be for the best.

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Get to know newcomers to your circle before forming an opinion about their personality. Give others the chance to get to know the real you by giving more than one-worded answers to questions they put to you. Don’t clam up the moment a conversation starts getting personal.


You are blessed with the ability to think quickly, act fast and produce amazing results. Someone will be impressed by your input to a group project. Later when a sensitive issue is discussed, think before you speak. You don’t want anyone to feel as if you are riding roughshod over their feelings.


Someone is taking advantage of your kindness and their demands are starting to exhaust you. You need to make room in your life for romance and pleasure. If you have to relinquish some commitments to do so, so be it. A spiritual breakthrough will be experienced.

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