Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for December 13

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Workmates and friends will be as eager to help you as you are to help them. After all, you are all working towards the same goal. So curb those strong competitive instincts of yours. Sharing and showing a willingness to be cooperative will get you further.


Teaming up with someone who shares your interests will keep you motivated. It will be a joint effort that helps you reach one of your long-standing goals and objectives. Take on a new assignment or work offer and let others see how talented and knowledgeable you happen to be.


You will be using tactics like determination and practicality with conviction whenever the need arises. Someone at home is hoping to adopt a pet from a local shelter this Christmas. This needs more careful thought. You might arrange a visit in order to discuss this further.


Practise the power of positive thinking. If you get the feeling that someone is watching you and expecting you to fail, be doubly careful of all you do. Have faith in yourself. You can succeed even when others might doubt this.


eople are starting to take advantage of our warmth and kindness. You need to start thinking about yourself. Be careful as there is someone close by who will take and take without giving anything back. They will expect favours from you that could be time-consuming and costly.


A new opportunity gets your interests. You would never take risks or rush into anything but there is nothing preventing you from taking a sip to test the water. This could be something that will go hand in hand with what you are presently working on.


You will be meeting someone you haven’t seen for some time. This might be arranged or it will happen unexpectedly. Either way, if your parting was tense you might feel almost inclined to walk away but don’t. Once you get talking you will find you have a lot of catching up to do.


Conversations are confusing. Someone will ask you to let them decide on joint matters but no matter how close they might be to you, they do not always know what is best for you. Clouds of indecisiveness will soon clear and you will soon again be able to trust your own judgement.


Someone is waiting to hear from you and hoping you will give your support to plans they are hoping to start on soon. Even though you know they need your help, you won’t jump into anything without weighing the pros and cons. They may have to wait a short while longer before you give your response.


Praise for your skills will take you by surprise. This is a talent you have always taken for granted, it comes so easily to you. Someone wants to learn more and you will happily share your know-how with them. You could be surprised by how they progress under your mentorship.


Your intuition is telling you that someone is keeping secrets. You suspect you won’t be happy with what you hear but you want to know the truth. During the course of a difficult conversation something you hear will touch you emotionally. Take care.


Some imaginative thought will keep you ahead of competitors. A group get-together, fundraising event or party will be re-arranged. No one is to blame. This will be due to problems outside everyone’s control and despite the postponement, when eventually the event does go ahead, it will be a huge success.

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