Horoscope: Pisces warned of upcoming terrible conflict at work – be brave!

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Horoscope.com explained Pisces will experience an unfortunate situation at work on Friday, March 11.

The zodiac site said: “You will experience terrible conflict with someone who has opposing views of your current situation.

“This person is rooted more in fantasy than in truth.

“Listen to yourself instead of getting thrown off balance by someone else’s misguided thinking.”

But will things improve the following week for Pisces?

Horoscope.com explained: “You may have to find ways to bring together some very different points of view.

“Expect to see many things begin to open up at the end of the week.

“Many things that have been a source of frustration or delay will at last begin to change for the better.”

The site also advised Pisces to “be brave” in love matters.

It explained: “You generally hate rushing into anything, especially within a close personal relationship, and prefer to bide your time waiting and watching for an internal green light.

“But today’s astral configuration may make you more anxious to get to know just that bit more quickly.

“Be brave and ask the question.

“You may get a surprising reply, and one that is a lot more positive than you expected.

“Another influence you’ll be dealing with all week is the innovative Mars-Aquarius pairing, which can help you branch out in new directions and be a little more daring.

“You know those things you’ve been daydreaming about but have been afraid to actually try?

“This is your time, Pisces.

“Take a risk!” the horoscope site recommended.

Pisces’ love matches next week are:






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