Home baker sent heartwarming Christmas card from bin men who love her food

A mum who loves to bake was blown away by the card she received from her bin men who she often treats to tasty homemade food.

Posting on Reddit, the woman’s child uploaded a snap of the sweet card – with commenters saying it restored their faith in human kindness.

Captioning the snap, they said: “My mum lives alone and is forever baking for friends, neighbours and visitors alike.

“Today she received this lovely card from her bin men. It brightened my day, thought I’d share!”

The card was printed with the words Happy Christmas and alongside it the refuse workers expressed their appreciation of the baker named Allison.

The letter said: “To Allison.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity, especially with the time of year it is, just to send our thanks and appreciation, myself (Wayne) and the lads have for what you have done for us through some of the most uncertain times through the pandemic as well as your generosity at Christmas.

“Myself, Paul and Darren would just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

“Your baking and sweet treats have gone down a treat for the last 20 months.”

It continued: “Your home made sausage rolls (think they’re top of the favourites list) along with your amazing chocolate buns and flapjack.

“We usually try to guess the treat of the week before we arrive to collect the bins as we usually notice on the way up ‘Denholme Road’ if there is something awaiting our arrival.

“Thank you so so much, all our love, round 106.

“Wayne, Paul and Darren.”

The heartwarming post quickly went viral with almost 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments from happy Brits.

One person said: “Never met a bin man that wasn't a genuinely nice bloke.

“Nice to see the savoury crowd catered for with the homemade sausage rolls, too. They sound bang on.”

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While another noted: “Always be kind to the bin men. Without them, the streets would stink.”

“They could bring the entire civilisation down but they choose not to,” added another. “Heroes.”

A fan said: "Well, Wayne Paul and Darren are a bunch of stand up blokes.”

And another added: “Your mum sounds like a wonderful person, so glad they appreciated her kindness.”

And, Allison’s child came back to add: “I sometimes feel worried about her living alone but it sounds like she’s got a great community around her – from neighbours to bin men to posties! Puts my mind at ease.

“Mum is nothing if not equal opportunity when it comes to sweet v savoury treats!

“She sent this photo to me with the message ‘got to be sausage rolls for them on Christmas Eve!’ bless her.”

Do you leave your bin men a Christmas gift? Tell us in the comments…

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