Hilarious pictures reveal the incorrect test answers by children

A for effort! Schoolchildren’s hilarious homework answers are almost too funny to mark wrong

  • Photographs show the hilarious answers children have penned in school exams
  • Some of the answers given are often extremely witty, while others are funny  
  • Images reveal the lengths some will go to when questions leave them stumped 

These youngsters had a lot of fun winding up their teachers when answering questions that they didn’t know the answers to in exams.

People from around the world have been sharing the humorous answers from children on schoolwork. 

The funny test answers were collated by Domesticated Companion for people to enjoy. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the best examples rounded up for your pleasure.. 

People from around the world have been sharing the humorous answers from children on schoolwork, including this child who cheekily drew a black bear over the the exam question

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Elsewhere another child drew a racing car finish flag instead of a Finnish flag – and the teacher was clear it was not the right answer

One American child said they wouldn’t want to swim in the water with another youngster  because he is ‘chubby’ 

Hard at work! This wasn’t quite the answer to ‘show your thinking’ in this simple maths question that the examiner was likely looking for

Clever! One child suggested removing the front of the word in order to convert centimeters to meters  

One child really wanted to show off his best use of punctuation and capitals by creating a hilarious story to match the picture 

This student, believed to be from the US, wasn’t playing ball with this maths question with his ‘not my problem’ attitude 

One teacher wasn’t impressed with this incorrect answer, replying ‘really?’ on a student’s homework about shapes 

Justin BEAVER! Another student went on to write a ‘riddle’ about the popstar during a test – leaving his teacher chuckling  

This youngster went a little psychotic when presented with the problem of being stuck on an island with someone they hate 

This American child had a very wise mother and refused to answer a question about someone dating a friends ex-boyfriend 

This teacher seemed amused by this students simple response to a thought provoking question 

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