Heartbreak as puppies on brink of death saved from bin

A good samaritan who rescued two puppies on the brink of death has shared the awe-inspiring story of how she found them behind a dumpster.

@Theogpups described the scenario on TikTok with a photo compilation that follows the journey of Aspen and Sage after they were discovered on of the coldest nights in Texas.

The clip, which went viral with almost one million viewers and 101,000 likes, shows the dark and light-furred dogs when they were just a few days old.

“I may have cried making this. Happy eight months to my babies,” reads the caption of the video, which has melted hearts across the platform.

The dogs, named Sage and Aspect, were discovered in the trash at their rescuer’s apartment complex when they were no bigger than the size of her palm.

According to the video creator, the dogs had been dumped behind a dumpster on the “coldest night in Texas”, which left one of them in critical condition.

Recalling the night, the dog owner told Newsweek: “I heard a noise when I reached the dumpster but didn’t think much of it until I looked down and turned my flashlight on and saw a puppy on the side of the dumpster.”

She immediately rushed the small dog to warmth, before heading back out moments later with her dog Future to check that no other puppies had been left behind.

Future immediately started tugging her in the direction of a bush, leading her to a second puppy with lighter fur, who wasn’t moving at all.

“[…] This one was barely breathing and not making any sounds,” noted the rescuer, who immediately rushed the dog and her sister to an emergency vet.

Sage, the darker of the two dogs, made a swift recovery once the vets increased her body temperature, but things were looking bleak for the dog’s sister.

Aspen, who is now eight months old, made a slow comeback but was eventually well enough to come home and meet her siblings, Kodak and Future.

The rescuer added: “They are now eight months old and amazing! They are totally opposite but are similar in many ways.

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“Sage is the sassy, spunky puppy who’s outgoing and loves being the center of attention. And Aspen is the sweet, nice puppy who is super shy and a homebody, but she does have a sassy side to her as well.”

The college student said she is doing everything within her power to keep the puppies by her side but struggles with the financial side of things.

“It was stressful and very tiring but all worth it!” she noted. “They love their older brothers (Kodak and Future). They love going on hikes, eating treats, and constantly talking back.”

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