Grab some extra cash this January by turning pre-loved items into lolly with our eBay seller special

FLOGGING everyday items you no longer need can bring in a £500 boost.

Whether you are a student with university fees to pay, a couple stepping on to the property ladder or a parent about to expand their brood, there are loads of items lying around that can help to ease financial woes.

Many of us are sitting on unwanted items bought during the last lockdown, including games consoles, jigsaws, board games and at-home beauty products.

Emma Grant, from eBay, said: “There is a big appetite for pre-loved items.

“As Brits looked to bag a bargain, three second-hand purchases were made every second in 2020, with more than seven million used items sold on eBay UK in the month of January alone.”

To help people sell safely from home, eBay has reintroduced its discount on Packlink’s delivery service.

This enables the collection and delivery of parcels directly from your doorstep via Hermes and UPS, with prices from £2.89.

MOVING OUT £329.96

YOUNG people moving out of their family home can make money from toys and games.

Average selling price for items:

  • Hot Wheels – £10.50
  • Beanie Baby – £6.43
  • Pokemon cards – £9.55
  • Cassette player – £36.59
  • Computer – £129
  • Furbies – £16.46
  • Sylvanian Families – £14.82
  • Roller skates – £10.30
  • DVD player – £30.92
  • Scooter – £65.39

TOTAL: £329.96

STUDENT £479.38

STUDENTS keen to build up their fund for beer and textbooks before heading back to uni can clear out old clothes, gadgets and unwanted Christmas presents.

  • Old trainers – £27.60
  • Xbox 360 – £8.56
  • Heels – £18.30
  • CDs – £5.53
  • Books – £7.18
  • Sports kit – £36.64
  • Backpack – £20.69
  • Bike – £68.46
  • Old smartphone – £157.42
  • Old computer – £129

TOTAL: £479.38


AFTER saving for deposits to secure their first pad, couples may have two lots of furniture, gadgets and appliances – or just need a clear-out ahead of buying new stuff.

  • Sofa – £51.57
  • Coffee table – £62.48
  • Food processor – £36.35
  • Nespresso machine – £78.68
  • Photo frames – £8.58
  • Vintage lamp shade – £19.05
  • Mirror – £33.13
  • Cocktail shaker – £12.89
  • Vinyl records – £12.92
  • TV – £222.22

TOTAL: £537.87


MANY couples have welcomed babies in the past year – and mums and dads who once spent free time on hobbies can sell old equipment to help fund the perfect nursery.

  • Musical instruments – £28.91
  • PlayStation 4 – £107.56
  • Rugs – £29.23
  • Handbags – £10.70
  • Tennis rackets – £25.13
  • Coat/jackets – £21.85
  • Wedding dress – £80.51
  • Sewing machine – £52.47
  • High heels – £18.30
  • Jewellery – £27.99

TOTAL: £402.65

‘Swap dolls for dosh’

GAYLE HOCKLIN, 29, from West Yorkshire, had to move back home in March at the start of the Covid crisis after seven years living in France.

She said: “Reunited with my childhood bedroom, I seized the chance to swap my dolls and dresses for pounds on eBay.”

Gayle has made £400 from selling her old stuff online and has set her aspirations even higher this year.

She is only going to buy one new thing if she sells at least two old items.

Her biggest win was a Volcom ski jacket for just £50.

Selling is easy with these tips

SEVEN tips for selling from eBay’s Head of Pre-loved, Emma Grant:

Keywords are key. Take the time to get your keywords right and bidders will come.

Use the terminology they search for, like brand and product names. Look at old listings for tips.

Categorise carefully. It’s very important to choose the most specific category to sell in.

For kids’ clothes, sell in the children’s fashion category versus fashion in general.

Photos are king. People won’t bid on items they cannot see.

Take photos in natural light and be sure to highlight flaws rather than hide them – to gain buyer confidence.

Don’t skimp on the details. Be honest about wear and tear and describe details the photos may not show.

If you’re selling clothes, note the feel and fit of the item.

Price it right. lets you search for what your item has sold for in the past.

Always ask yourself “would I pay this much for this item?”

Selling Sundays. eBay’s busiest time for buyers is Sunday evenings, so schedule your listings to end around that time.

Choose ten days rather than one, three, five or seven days to ensure the maximum number of bids if there is no rush to sell.

The longer your item is listed, the more chance people will see it.

Clean sweep for old tech

DO NOT forget, if you’re looking to rehome unused tech items this spring, make sure you get your gadgets ready for resale with this handy checklist:

  • Back up data stored on your device with a free online storage service, such as iCloud for Apple products, Google Drive for Android devices and Chrome books, and One Drive for Windows phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Use “factory reset” (in settings menu) to remove personal data and access to social media accounts. This will also delete photos, music, documents and any contacts stored.
  • Remove the SIM card and memory card, if there is a removable one. The “hard reset” button will restart your device to ensure any software changes will take effect.
  • Package up the charger, power cable, instructions and accessories.

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