Glamour model and Mensa member says men are ‘intimidated’ by her high IQ

An OnlyFans model and member of genius club Mensa claims that men find her extremely high IQ “intimidating”.

Candice Kloss said that men often assume she’s “stupid” because of her bombshell good looks and sexy modelling job.

The model, who lives in New York, has an IQ of 136 – which is classed as having “very superior intelligence” and is close to 140 which would indicate genius level.

Candice even has had a membership to Mensa, which is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world open only to those who score at the 98th percentile or higher, since she was 17.

The blonde beauty claims that she always found school a breeze and enjoyed maths and science which she called “easy”.

And, as she used to be a shy child, she still finds it surprising that men consider her “sexy”.

However, being unusually intelligent while also working as a model can be a challenge.

Candice explained: “I don’t really tell people.

“Some of my close friends know, but since we’re so close I don’t think it changes their opinion of me.

“I think that men are definitely surprised when they find out.

“Some find it sexy but others find it intimidating for some reason.”

While none of her other family members are in Mensa, Candice believes her dad could be a candidate.

Candice said: “I knew growing up that I could learn things fairly quickly.

"No one else in my family is a member of Mensa but my dad would probably be if he cared to apply."

Candice began studying psychology and economics at University of Massachusetts, Boston, aged 17.

But, she eventually dropped out and started working in real estate to pay her rent.

Candice said: “My parents were definitely worried when I dropped out in 2011.

"Eventually they saw I was happy and had a good sense for business."

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The young woman began studying again last year, but a pal recommended trying OnlyFans and the prospect of earning a fortune was too temping.

Candice said: “One day my friend showed me what she was making from OnlyFans – I immediately left school, knowing I wouldn’t go back.

“The possible income I could make from OnlyFans was much more than the starting salary with an economics degree, and even greater than some higher salaries after years of work.”

Now, she makes $21,000 (£14,900) a month and runs an Instagram page with thousands of followers.

She said: “I like to work hard because it’s challenging but the other side of me really loves to relax and try new things for fun.

“The best thing about my job is that I can live and work wherever I want, and can travel as much as I want.

“I would not be able to be happy if I had to be at an office at the same time every day and do the same things.”

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