‘Game of Thrones’: Who still stands a chance to claim the Iron Throne

And then there were some.

The multiple deaths in last week’s “Game of Thrones” have leveled the playing field of those in contention for the Iron Throne to a select pool of scrappy individuals. If they didn’t suffer post-traumatic stress disorder from Daenerys’ fiery blast of King’s Landing, will they even have the strength of mind to rule? Or will the populace that’s still left just kowtow to Dany’s viselike grip?

As we have seen, there’s nothing she won’t do to rule.

Daenerys Targaryen: Down

She’s so crazy everyone wants her dead. Her slaughter of the innocents will turn previously loyal subjects against her. The only way she gets out of the last episode alive is to turn that dragon on everyone. But what if someone kills the dragon first?

Jon Snow: Even

He still doesn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne, but doth he protest too much? He once thought Dany was a wise and compassionate ruler and realized too late that she makes Alex Forrest in “Fatal Attraction” look like Mary Poppins. The war hero may finally acquiesce and give the people what they want. He is the true heir, after all.

Sansa Stark: Up

Cool, calm and collected, Sansa radiates the kind of regal charisma needed to rule the Seven Kingdoms. She has wisely waited for the dust to settle. When Jon Snow makes it back to Winterfell, he will beg her to assume the Iron Throne. She will say yes, yes, yes.

Arya Stark: Up

The fearless avenger may add Dany’s name to her kill list. Since she could vanquish the Night King, getting rid of Dany would be a welcome challenge.

Tyrion Lannister: Down

Why anyone on this show ever thought Tyrion had a wit about him is a great mystery. He’s behaved like a dope this season, and a disloyal one at that. He betrayed Varys to Dany, ensuring his execution. He tried to help Jaime escape King’s Landing. Curtains.

Brienne of Tarth: Up

She won’t sit on the throne, but there’s fight in the blond knight yet. Hopefully, she will somehow get Jaime’s fake hand as a token of their one-night stand. Too bad Joni Mitchell wasn’t around then to write a song about her sacrifice.

Bran Stark: Up

Still the odds-on favorite to rule Westeros, Bran is the only character who’s not completely exhausted from long sea voyages and fighting wars. He has youth and spooky powers on his side.

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