For the first 6 months I cried daily over my sons name

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Mairéad is a content creator and parenting influencer who shares the details of her life on her TikTok account, @thesteveos. She, along with her husband Lee, has 191.5K followers on the social media site.

She opened up on choosing her baby son’s name and how she was influenced by others around her, branding the experience “a lesson”.

The mum-of-two said: “When we had our son, everybody we knew had had boys, all our family, all our friends, all the names that were my top list for a boy had been taken. The name that I was in love with the most, I thought it just went perfectly with my little girl’s name, had already been taken by another family.

“My husband and I became so paranoid that if we used that name, they would think we were copying them. So we settled on a common name that nobody else had used.

“For the first six months, I think I cried almost daily over my decision, I regretted it so much. I just didn’t think he suited that name. We didn’t even get a congratulations from the family that we were so scared of copying.”

Looking back now, the parenting and family content creator said: “So I guess it’s just a lesson now not to worry about what anyone else thinks really. But like I said, I don’t regret now.”

She added: “I don’t regret what my children are called now because they’ve really grown into those names and I can’t imagine them being called anything else.”

Mairéad’s son is named James, but the same she initially want to call him is Max. Her daughter is named Maggie.

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Fans weighed on Mairéad’s story, and one wrote: “Unless it’s immediate family or your best friend then no name is sacred. Or I’m just brutal? Thankfully our Daughter is one of few Florence’s.”

Another said: “I’ve dreamed of naming my child Morgan since I was a little girl, my partner agreed… his dad has called his DOG Morgan.”

One said: “I have a Noah and around the time I was pregnant EVERYONE was using that name. I went with it anyway as I always loved it.”

Another added: “No one owns a name .. call them what you want to.”

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