Fitness expert reveals how YOU can get in your 10,000 steps a day

How to get your 10,000 steps a day without leaving home – including going up and down the stairs 42 times and doing 15 minutes of housework

  • UK-based Tim Harrison at WatchPilot has put together tips to hit 10,000 steps 
  • Includes walking up and down the stairs 42 times so don’t have to leave home 
  • Also suggests doing 250 steps every working hour and 500 before each meal

Working from home can lead to many of us not moving for the best part of the day, with the average Brit sitting for 9.5 hours a day – and that was before the pandemic hit.

With lack of movement contributing to burnout and anxiety, Tim Harrison from UK-based WatchPilot has put together seven top tips to help you hit 10,000 steps without leaving your home – with each including an average pace of 80 steps per minute, and how much time each activity takes to achieve the steps.   

From walking up and down the stairs 42 times, to doing 500 steps before each meal, there really is no excuse not to get those steps in. So, get counting!  

Seven tips to get in 10,000 steps without leaving your home


500 steps before meal 

250 steps as you work 

Walk to a podcast

Tea break stroll 

Walk and talk break 


Walk up and down stairs 42 times


1,200 steps 

2,250 steps an hour

3,200 steps 

960 steps 

1,200 steps 

400 steps 

1,200 steps 


15 mins 

27 minutes 

40 mins 

12 mins  

15 mins  

15 mins 

12 mins 30 secs 

UK-based Tim Harrison from WatchPilot has put together seven top tips to help you hit 10,000 steps without leaving your home. Pictured, stock image


STEPS: 1000

TIME: 12 minutes 30 seconds 

Tim Harrison explains that anyone who has a set of stairs in their house is capable of achieving 1, 000 steps in 12 minutes and 30 seconds – and says he worked out the calculation based on the average staircase having 12 steps. 

‘At an average of 80 steps per minute, you can easily get 1000 steps done in a quarter of an hour, by going up and down the staircase 42 times – 84 trips in total,’ he says.

And good news for those keen to go faster – as speed walking or running will only burn even more calories. 

‘If you don’t have any stairs, you can just do 84 laps of either your balcony or your hallway, in the time it takes a pizza to cook in the oven,’ he adds. 

‘It will also help your sleep – one study found that 10 minutes of stair-walking was more energising that a cup of coffee.’


STEPS: 3,200 steps

TIME: 40 minutes

The expert goes on to note that the average podcast length is 37 minutes, which is arguably less than many of our pre-covid commutes. 

‘If you round that up to 40 minutes, walking at 80 steps per minute, you can walk up and down your garden, hallway, or the length of your house, while listening to a podcast,’ he says. ‘It will keep you distracted, and listening to podcasts on our morning commute is something many of us did anyway.’

But if you’re not a podcast fan, then you don’t get out of it that easily – as Tim has an alternative suggestion.

‘Pop the radio on, or your current Netflix show, and just do your steps in the living room while watching it, to distract yourself,’ he explains. 

‘Do this before work and you’ll have more energy throughout the day. If you’re a massive podcast addict, why not double up and do it at the end of the day too?’


STEPS: 1,200 

TIME: 15 minutes

While a lot of things have been up in the air amid the coronavirus lockdown, one of the biggest constants in has been food. 

‘We’ve structured our days around it, and look forward to it more than ever,’ says Tim. ‘Five minutes before you eat or start prepping your meal, why not quickly do 500 steps around the house or the garden?’

He says that it should only take a maximum of five minutes, depending on your speed.


STEPS: 2,250 

TIME: 3 minutes for 9 hours a day

The expert goes on to say that anyone with a Smart watch will be familiar with the buzzing to alert them every hour to get up and move.

‘250 steps takes approximately 3 minutes to do,’ calculates Tim. ‘And experts recommend us getting a screen break every 40 minutes, doing this every hour will not only help your cardiovascular system, but also your eyes.’

But he adds to do this from 9am-5pm – and warns not to overdo it.

Tim suggests that while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, do your steps, either on the spot or by strolling around the kitchen. Pictured, stock image


STEPS: 960

TIME: 3 minutes, four times a day

With the average kettle taking around three minutes to boil, and more hot beverages being consumed during the winter months, Tim suggests taking advantage of this opportunity and fitting in a bit of exercise. 

‘When you’re waiting for the water to boil, do your steps, either on the spot or by strolling around the kitchen,’ he says. 

‘If you want to up the steps, you could do one extra minute of walking while waiting for the tea to brew.’


STEPS: 1,200 

TIME: 15 minutes a day

This hack to get in the steps is perfect for those who live with others or live alone.

‘To break up the day, walk with your housemate around the garden or down the hallway, to catch up on how your day is going,’ he advises. ‘It will help improve your mood and reduce stress, and a 15-minute walk can give you a chance to clear your mind.’

And for those who live alone, he suggests buddying up and doing your walking when you’re chatting on Zoom or Facetime?


STEPS: 400 

TIME: 5 minutes a day

As for the final hack, Tim says you’re probably already doing it without realising, which is a bonus!

‘Just five minutes of vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn or window cleaning will get you at least 400 steps,’ he points out. 

TOTAL: 10,210 steps

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