Expert shares advice for organising your hallway

Hallway from hell? Interiors expert shares five tips for clearing the clutter – including installing cupboards high up and clever ‘stair drawers’ for shoes

  • Interior design expert Victoria Harrison, editor of, shared her tips
  • She shared expert advice for how to ensure your hallway remains organised 
  • Said it was crucial to overestimate the number of shoes you have to store 

Fed up of tripping over school bags and shoes when you walk through the door and can never find an umbrella when you need one? 

Hallways are a natural dumping ground for coats, bags, shoes and all sorts of other clutter, and order can be difficult to maintain. 

We don’t all have room for a bank of cupboards, but even the smallest entrances can benefit from some clever storage solutions. 

Here, Victoria Harrison, editor of UK-based home renovation and design platform, shares her favourite tips with FEMAIL to help you get organised – no matter what the size of your space. 

1. Pack away off-season items 

Victoria Harrison shared her expert advice for organising hallways, as she reveals the importance of starting off by thinking about seasonality 

Victoria explained that it’s important to think about seasonality when organising your hallway because you don’t want items that aren’t frequently used taking up space. 

Listing it as the first step, she said: ‘With space limited, you don’t want to be filling valuable centimetres with heavy winter coats in summer or sandals in winter. 

Whether you have cupboards, hooks or drawers, take a good look at what you’re storing there and remove anything that isn’t seasonally appropriate and store elsewhere – on top of a wardrobe or under a bed, for example.’

2. Create a home for everything 

Victoria suggests investing in clever storage for footwear such as having space carved out under the stairs 

3. Don’t underestimate your shoe storage

Victoria said: ‘How many pairs of shoes do you really own? If you’re honest, the number is probably higher than you first think and when you think about the number of people in your household, it’s clear you’re going to need a smart storage solution to keep them organised in a busy hallway. 

‘One possible option is to carve out space under the stairs. Maximising the space under the stairs is a classic hallway storage trick used by professionals on Houzz, who can help with careful measuring and planning to make the most of this tricky-shaped are,’ she said. 

‘Hallways accumulate clutter because the first thing you do when you come in from outside is remove layers of outerwear and dump belongings. 

By giving these items a dedicated home of their own, it will avoid them being left on other surfaces or distributed around the house. ‘

‘Take stock of items you will need to store and when designing your hallway with a professional, plan in storage that will cater for all these needs. 

‘Not only will this look better, but this should also make leaving the house quicker too, as there will be no rummaging through a drawer full of clutter.’

4. Take it to the top 

‘In a hallway with limited space, you often have to think vertically to gain extra space, as it may not be possible to give up floor space to deep cupboards. 

This might mean investing in a bespoke storage cabinet to maximise the space available. 

Professionals on Houzz will be able to advise you on what is possible and create options that make use of every centimetre available, head to the Houzz directory to find professionals in your area.’

5. Try a bespoke bench 

Victoria said those who have space in their hallway can benefit from a storage bench that can also be used to sit down when removing shoes 

Victoria said bespoke furniture for your hallway can be expensive but is worth the investment. 

She said: ‘If you have a little more space, adding in a bespoke bench will not only provide a spot for people to sit down and remove shoes but also work as storage for bulkier items. 

‘Commissioning a bespoke piece can sometimes seem like a pricier option, but for a little extra investment, you’ll have a piece of furniture which fits your home and needs perfectly.’

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