Exclusive: It's Impossible to Watch Fighting With My Family's Blooper Reel Without Laughing

If you somehow haven’t had the sincere pleasure of watching Fighting With My Family yet, then allow this footage from the film’s highly entertaining blooper reel to convince you.

In our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the drama — which follows a former wrestler and his family who make a living performing around the UK even though his children (chiefly Saraya, played by Florence Pugh) dream of joining the WWE — you’ll see actor/director Stephen Merchant and Julia Davis (who play Hugh and Daphne) trying in vain to get through a scene at the dinner table. As Daphne attempts to swallow a mouth full of noodles, her husband pats her on the back, eliciting an unintentionally hilarious response.

Watch the funny moment above, and then make sure you get your hands on Fighting With My Family when it becomes available on Digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and on demand on May 14.

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