Eight best beauty products to help you get a good night’s sleep

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A good night’s sleep is essential for your mind and body to work at their best. Snoozing for longer can help boost your immune system, your productivity and your mood.

And with Covid-19 bringing anxiety and stress into many people’s lives, more and more of us are complaining of lack of sleep – but how do we fix it?

Luckily, the beauty market is full of sleep-inducing products that promise to induce a dreamy night’s sleep. From beautifully scented bath salts to calming mists and pillow sprays, these are the very best beauty products to help you catch the ZZZs you need.

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Struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep? Here are three things that can help you…

*Stop looking at your phone. The blue light from your screen tricks your brain into thinking it’s daylight. Instead, set an audio book on a timer and play it on a soft volume.

*Go for a warm bath instead of a very hot one. It’s been shown that warm water helps your body reach a temperature that is ideal for rest.

*Look for candles, mists and diffusers that contain lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, bergamot or sandalwood essentials oils. These are known to calm the mind and get you in the mood for sleep.

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts, buy it here for £18

Infused with a blend of rose, frankincense and ylang ylang, these work to relieve muscle ache and relax the body and mind.

Tester says: “This filled my bathroom with a gorgeous calming scent, and my skin felt very silky after a good 20 minute soak. It was also the perfect way to wash away a tough exercise class. It might be coincidence but I had my best night’s sleep in ages afterwards.”

Asda Lavender & Oat Flower Sleep Spray & Eye Mask Gift Set, buy it here for £5

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The box contains a soft eye mask and a soothing pillow and room spray containing lavender and calming oat flower.

Tester says: “Not the strongest smelling sleep spray I’ve ever used, and I can really only detect lavender in the scent – but the smell did linger on my pillow, which was lovely. Some eye masks can be too tight and a little uncomfy but this was soft and very nice to sleep in.”

Smelly Trees Fragrance, buy it here for £25

Made with tree oils, it evokes the scent of a woodland forest. Regularly smelling natural terpenes (from the conifer tree oils in this) has also been shown to aid a good night’s sleep.

Tester says: “I am in love with this. I grew up in Scandinavia and this smells exactly like when my dad used to take us to go get a Christmas tree. It’s nostalgic, calming and my favourite way to use it is by spritzing my sofa throws with it.”

Drowsy Sleep Co. Sleep Zen Pillow Spray, buy it here for £21.95

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Two or three sprays of this lavender and myrrh mist promises up to 12 hours of lasting fragrance on your pillow.

Tester says: “Two sprays really is enough! This is the most powerful pillow spray I’ve ever used, and the smell really does last for hours. I woke up in the morning and could still smell it there. I liked that it had a twist on a classic lavender scent and I found it very soothing.”

Sanctuary Spa De-Stress Warming Body Balm, buy it here for £10

This muscle-easing balm has a ginger and rosemary formula that self-heats when massaged in.

Tester says: “I wasn’t convinced about the ‘warming’ at first, but I stand corrected! As soon as I started rubbing it in, it gave off an instant and very relaxing heat. The smell is also very soothing and I went to bed feeling like I’d just spent the day at a fancy spa.”

Soak Sunday Cleo's Paradise Botanical Bath & Body Oil, buy it here for £14

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An almond, oat, chamomile and jojoba blend to pour in your bath or apply directly to your skin.

Tester says: “The bottle is gorgeous and looks great on my bathroom shelf. It doesn’t have a strong smell of anything botanical, but that being said, it made my skin feel so soft after I towel dried. Pairs perfectly with a good book and a glass of wine.”

Bloom & Blossom Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil, buy it here for £20

This dry oil absorbs in a flash so you can hit the sack cocooned in soothing frankincense.

Tester says: “I’m not usually a body oil fan as they linger too long on my skin and feel a little sticky, but this has converted me. It sinks in really quickly and within a day, made the dry patches of skin on my upper arms feel so much smoother. Perfect for after a bath and before bed.”

Tisserand Real Calm Moodfix Mist, buy it here for £10.20

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Spritz this relaxing blend of lavender, bergamot and patchouli around your room for instant chill.

Tester says: “I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I love misting it at around 4pm when I’m losing a bit of energy. It’s got a powerful scent and really works to help me feel more calm. It’s also lovely just before bed.”

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