Dwayne Johnson Buys Paul Reiser’s $28 Million Beverly Park Mansion

Way up high in the most elevated area of Beverly Hills is the very exclusive gated community of Beverly Park. This incredibly expensive area is now the new home of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He has just purchased an enormous estate from actor Paul Reiser and it’s an absolute indulgence.

Assume Tech reports that his luxurious estate property came with a $27.8 million price tag, and includes all the amenities you’d expect from such a high-end purchase. It also comes with a few extra perks that most people would never imagine as being part of a residential purchase.

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This fabulous property is impressive, even at first glance. The design resembles a Mediterranean mansion, and it was entirely custom designed. This was Alex Van Halen’s home, and he designed each aspect of this masterful mansion to suit his personal taste. Originally constructed in 1993, Halen put effort into ensuring every detail was meticulously perfected.. and it shows.

The incredible mansion sits on an expansive 3.67 acres and the main house on the property is an impressive 15,000 square feet.

Johnson will want for nothing when he moves in to this mansion. The home boasts 6 bedrooms that are all significantly larger than most would expect. There are 11.5 elaborate bathrooms within the home.

Give Me Sport indicates that; “The property features a gym, home theatre, indoor swimming pool and tennis courts, and the stunning grounds include private tree-lined grass pathways and a shadowy portico.”

The indoor swimming pool looks like something fresh out of a resort-styled magazine. It’s surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, giving The Rock the very best of both worlds; fresh air and sunlight, with a private, year-round swimming experience.

Guests to the residence can enjoy touring the massive mansion by using the custom built elevator that helps to navigate the large spaces with ease.

When The Rock feels like playing baseball, he can do so on his very own, private baseball diamond with stunning nature-filled views of the Beverly Hills landscape.

There’s a stunning courtyard that is designed to offer an area of tranquility and serenity, and is the perfect place to enjoy a book, partake in some yoga, or simply indulge in some quiet time to take in the stunning surroundings.

There’s also a guest house that offers a stunning 2500 square feet of luxurious living, which also includes impeccable features, and perfectly coiffed landscaping elements.

When Dwayne Johnson moves in to this fabulous new abode, he will be in great company. Also living in the lap of luxury and in very close proximity are his new neighbors; Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, and Eddie Murphy.

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