Drew Barrymore Checks In on Ghostface's Other Scream Franchise Victims on Talk Show

Yes, she even found Kenny the cameraman from the first movie.

Drew Barrymore is going all in on “Scream” this Halloween, hosting a screening of the movie, getting back into her Casey Becker costume and, now, tracking down a few of Ghostface’s other big-name victims.

“I reached out to some of the many actors who have had the honor of being killed in the ‘Scream movies,’ just like me and ask them about their untimely death,” the actress-turned-host said on Friday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

While Drew herself was one of the first on-screen victims in the series, a few familiar faces from the original 1996 film also popped up to recall their deaths.

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The first was Henry Winkler, who played Woodsboro High’s Principal Himbry, remembered getting stabbed with a pair of scissors. “[Director] Wes Craven, he said, ‘Do you think you can scream just a little louder?’ I said, ‘I can do that!” exclaimed The Fonz.

Also from the first film was W. Earl Brown, who played Gale’s doomed cameraman Kenny and had his blood poured all over his van. “My death was one of them that caused an X rating,” he revealed. “Wes had to trim some frames to get an R.”

FYI: The deaths of Barrymore, her on-screen boyfriend and Rose McGowan’s Tatum were also cut down to secure that rating.

From “Scream 2,” Drew got Sarah Michelle Gellar to recall being thrown from a sorority house balcony, Elise Neal to reflect on the irony of Hallie’s death, while the actor who played Sidney’s bodyguard also remembered gagging on blood for his scene.

Also in the clip: “Scream 3” star Patrick Warburton and “Scream 4” stars Nico Tortorella, Marielle Jaffe, Aimee Teegarden and Erik Knudsen.

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Earlier this week, Barrymore got back into her costume from the first movie — short bob and all — to show viewers what her character Casey’s life would be like now, had she not died in the first film.

Barrymore will host the CBS Sunday Night Movies airing of “Scream” on Sunday night at 9pm. Her talk show airs weekdays.

“Scream 5” — with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette all returning — is filming now for a 2021 release.

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