Doctor reveals the worst case he’s ever treated in A&E

WORKING in a hospital is a stressful and tiring job, but one doctor has now revealed the worst thing that's ever happened to him in A&E.

Dr Karan Raj said he had to take blood from a 'screaming and jumping' patient in order to get rid of what he described as a 'marathon erection'.

Posting to TikTok, Dr Karan said that this was one of the worst experiences he has had as a doctor.

He explained that he was working one of his last shifts in A&E before he left the surgery and he said it was a 'spicy one'.

Dr Karan said a young man walked into the hospital, hunched over in pain, covering his groin with a towel – looking as though he was trying to cover up an erection.

The patient explained to Dr Karan that he had taken one too many viagra pills.

Dr Karan said: "Now he's had an erection that he can't get rid of for five hours.

"He said he's tried everything to get rid of it, peeing, running, bashing the bishop, but his flag kept flying at full mast.

"On the outside I tried to keep calm but on the inside I'm worried, any erection lasting longer than two hours is bad news."

Dr Karan explained that this type of prolonged erection is known as a priapism.

He added: "The longer this happens for the greater risk of tissue damage to the Devil's clarinet, because blood can't drain out of it and the cells become starved of oxygen.

"This can damage the tissue of the penis, causing erectile dysfunction or worse.

"First I explain to him the bad news, and then I tell him the good news which is actually more bad news.

"I explain that in order to save his gherkin I need to stick a needle into it and take out some blood.

"What I essentially have to do is insert a small butterfly needle attached to a syringe into his corpus cavernosum."

He explained that these are two cylinders that fill with blood, the blood which is causing the rigidity.

Dr Karan said that in order for the erection to go down, the blood needs to be removed.

"After lots of jumping and screaming we managed to get rid of his marathon erection and save his penis.

"Doctors are often accused of not being empathetic, but this time I felt it, maybe not as much as him."

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