Dillon Francis Looks Ahead To New Show ‘Gerald’s World’ & Reveals His Next Big Collab

The chart-topping DJ is proving he can do it all. Not only does he have several superstar collabs in the works in addition to an animated TV show, but he’s found time to kick off a new partnership with Jose Cuervo.

Dillon Francis, 31, is at the top of his game. In 2019 alone, the hit-maker has dominated the stage at Coachella, released an infectious new track with lovelytheband, and announced a forthcoming animated series, Gerald’s World. As he now kicks off an epic partnership with Jose Cuervo, the musician took a breather to sit and chat about all the incredible projects he’s working on.

Fans should probably start mentally preparing for Dillon’s new show now because it sounds AMAZING. Gerald’s Word is set to feature the star’s fan favorite character Gerald, a piñata frequently featured on his social media pages. He let us know just what to expect! “In the animation show, it’s the regular world and the Piñata world, they kind of go between, and he [the piñata] gets to be his same degenerate self,” the musician explains. “The regular world, we can only make things from the regular world possible, but when you go to piñata world, that’s where things can kind of turn into whatever we really want because it’s a whole different world with a different set of rules.” Clearly, it’s Gerald’s world and we’re all just living in it!

Dillon has an impressive list of collaborations under his belt, including tracks with G-Eazy, Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris, just to name a few. However, in March, he linked up with the rockers from lovelytheband for a collab that featured an entirely new sound for him. “I’d worked on the song for I think a year, and everyone I sent it to was like ‘yeah, I like it, we’ll see.’” he said of  making ‘Change Your Mind.’” “Right when I sent it to the band they were like ‘yeah, we’re going to work on it this week.’ They just sounded incredible on it and lifted the track to a different place.”

Dillon is still fresh off his show-stopping Coachella performance, and he admits that the memories from this year, and every year, are truly something special. “Diplo coming out and yelling that I was ‘the future of music,’ that was really sweet of him to come out and yell that,” he says with a laugh. The musician had plenty of surprises for fans at his set this year. “I revealed a whole new stage set-up which was these cubes that we got fabricated that are alongside me as I’m playing. So there’s that, and then bringing out lovelytheband was really awesome. Just being able to play a lot of the new music I’ve been working on…the crowd reaction was incredible.  Also, this was my fourth year playing at Coachella, it was really special to me. My parents were there, they’ve been there every single year! It’s such an iconic festival…every time I get booked on it it’s such a reassuring thing that I’m doing something right luckily in my music.”

Of course, fans are always raring and ready for new music from the hit-maker. Dillon was sure to say that there’s more collaborations to come in the year ahead. “I’m trying to get another one with Brendon Urie hopefully,” he reveals. “I’m trying to get one with Portugal. The Man. We’ve already started working on something. Brendon and I – I sent him a song, we’ll see if it works but Portugal, we’re at the 50% mark and hopefully we take it to 100!”

For now, Dillon is gifting fans with the next best thing besides new music – free laundry services! The musician teamed up with Cuervo to give away free laundry (for an entire year!) Fans can enter here until July 31.

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