Dance legend Mark Morris’ perfect weekend: Pot and Mariska Hargitay

“I wanted a real life as a dancer, so of course I came to New York,” says Mark Morris, who at 19 left Seattle for this city in 1976, and — except for the six months a year he’s on tour — has rarely left. His Brooklyn-based Mark Morris Dance Company is bringing “Pepperland,” Morris’ Beatles homage, to BAM on May 8-11. The choreographer, now 62 and living in Kips Bay, tells The Post how he spends his down time.

I often shop and cook on weekends, and that means I go to Kalustyan’s [Lexington Avenue at 28th Street]. I’m pretty good at Indonesian food and I cook a lot of Indian food, so I buy everything fresh herbs and produce there that you can’t find in other places. I’ve been going there for 25 years, and they don’t recognize me, but that’s OK. It’s a great, fabulous place.

If I go out for lunch, that means I go to Union Square Cafe. I started going 30 years ago, when it was on 17th or 18th Street, but they shut it down and reopened it a couple of years later on Park Avenue South. I thought it would be a piece of s - - t, because it’s like, three times the size it was — but it got better. My very close friend, Isaac Mizrahi, and I would meet there all the time. I always get the sformato: it’s a hockey puck-sized, flan-like thing with vegetables. I’m learning how to make sformato, but they’re still better at it than I am.

I buy caviar for myself every couple of weeks at Grand Central’s market. I also get bread from Zabar’s and coffee from Oren’s … Produce you can’t buy there, because it’s so stupidly expensive; a cabbage wrapped in plastic is, like, $30.

I love to smoke pot on weekends in the evening, and I’ll watch anything with Mariska Hargitay. I can watch “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for four hours at a time, easily. I worship her — and Pat Kiernan, on NY1. I love him more than anyone in New York! He’s the most darling, sweet, charming guy ever. No, I’ve never met him. But I want him to come to “Pepperland”!

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