Daily horoscope for September 19: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope sees The Libra Moon create a Conjunction with Mercury. A Conjunction occurs when astral bodies move closer to one another or the Moon.

Mercury is in Libra at the moment and this planet is about to head for a significant showdown with Mars, Pluto and Saturn.

This is taking place after Autumn arrives on Tuesday, but plenty will be happening in the meantime.

The Waxing Moon is in now in star sign Libra, putting the spotlight on Mercury and emphasising the tough times that lie ahead.

Expect your ability to negotiate and your diplomatic skills to receive a real boost at this time.

You can also anticipate your sense of fair play to benefit at the start of another well-earned weekend.

Messenger planet Mercury means you are going to require all available tact this Saturday.

This is especially the case should you need to entertain a reasonable conversation.

Unfortunately, you may well encounter some unpleasantness during the later part of the day, including rage and rebellion.

ad feelings are most likely to be on the build everywhere with the red planet Mars remaining Retrograde

And at the same time, Mercury in Libra has a tricky role to attempt convincing anyone to be proactive.

Fortunately, the Libra Moon is ready to help today so give it a good go.

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There are simply no valid excuses or any way to please everyone, however much the Libra Moon might try.

This is a dangerous game and a teaser for the grumpy themes emerging for this autumn.

Pluto and Saturn represent rules and red lines that cannot be crossed.

But you might ask when you are blind with anger what is the use?

Relationships may well suffer this Saturday, particularly when the Libra Moon goes void as the day draws to a close.

But Scorpio is next up and there is little that is able to escape Scorpio’s iron will, so buckle up!

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