Daily horoscope for December 1: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope first and foremost finds Mercury enter the realm of star sign Sagittarius. Astrologers broadly agree today is consequently an ideal time to grasp the big picture.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini was fully felt only yesterday.

As a result, chances are many people may still feel slightly out of whack.

The eclipses are not over yet, with another scheduled to arrive in just a couple of weeks.

But for the moment, this is a chance to get some breathing space and turn your attention to the future.

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Possibilities, alternatives and anything else are all on the cards at this point.

Some find it near-impossible to think small when the messenger planet resides in Sagittarius.

A thirst for knowledge, inspiring stories and adventure can all be heightened at this time.

So your best bet is to prepare to embark on an intellectually stimulating project or simply dare to dream on Tuesday.

Another key event to occur finds the Moon creating a Square with the planet Neptune.

A Square in astrology is an aspect capable of revealing any major issues in play.

Earth’s natural satellite then proceeds to form a Conjunction with the North Lunar Node.

Conjunctions occur when two different planets arrive in the same star sign.

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Some believe this combination may mean you are at a loss to distinguish reality and make-believe.

But this is not your responsibility right now – for you must instead focus on opening your mind.

Let new data flood it, allowing it to all wash over you.

Tuning into all kinds of future possibilities should help any issues sort themselves out in good time.

The Moon remains in Gemini this Tuesday where is is still reeling from yesterday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the tropical sign of the Twins.

Why not take some time to reflect upon what exactly the eclipse revealed to you?

Perhaps you may not have been able to process all that came your way?

It might take some time, as you were not likely too far gone to make sufficient mental space to understand everything.

Today is not great for decision-making, what with the Moon’s Squaring Neptune.

Falsehood and fiction both present tempting alternatives at this time.

So deciding exactly what to choose and where truth really does lie is a prerogative.

Trying to figure this out today could lead you straight down the rabbit hole.

So one idea is to acknowledge the vastness of it all and let your mind find its natural way home.

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