Daily horoscope for August 20: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday’s horoscope is mainly influenced by the messenger planet Mercury entering Virgo. This aspect replicates the New Moon also entering Virgo the Maiden.

As a result, astrologers agree you will most likely have a highly productive day in store today.

The star sign Virgo is ready to come to your rescue to sort out your problems.

As the Moon travels through the meticulous sign, encouraged by its recent meeting with the Leo Sun, the celestial body creates a serious sense of community.

Now is also the time to question whether there is anything you need to learn.

Perhaps this could include some training or the acquisition of a new skill set.

You can also expect your mind to be better able to concentrate now Virgo’s sympathetic energy.

Leo is famed for its fun side, which is fortunate because it can today allow you to discover what makes you really tick.

However, that is as far as the influence of Leo will get you.

Virgo is of far more use to you today, due to its ability to implement ideas.

This star sign is also capable of finds practical solutions.

As a result, ideas are put into action and problems solved.

You can, therefore, expect things to move forward, one small step at a time.

Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are all also in play today.

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As the Moon harmonises with all four of these planets, you have everything you need to make things happen.

Now is the ideal time to be proactive, as you have the necessary inspiration, vision and resources to hand.

This is considered to be an extremely powerful combination and you can achieve a lot.

Neptune also creates an Opposition with the Virgo Moon.

An Opposition in astrology is when planets are across the Zodiac wheel from each other.

This is believed to be a challenging or hard aspect because the energies are at odds.

However, today’s Opposition is also happy to help, even if it does not look so at first.

Any confusion you feel is a reminder to tune into your intuition.

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