Courtney Love says she was hospitalized and 'almost died' last August

Courtney Love said that she “almost died” while being hospitalized last August.

“People, I’ve been sad, and extremely sick,” the Hole front woman wrote in an Instagram post Sunday night. “Debilitated, in indescribable pain and in August at 97 pounds almost died in hospital from anemia (hemoglobin I had none).”

“I was stigmatized for being an addict for 9 months by many ill-equipped [doctors], backwards [doctors] and quacks…While in debilitating acute pain,” she continued. “Then I met the most empathic wise pain management [doctor]. I’m so grateful!”

Love added that CBD oil has helped address her physical symptoms.

She also thanked her “The People vs. Larry Flynt” co-star Woody Harrelson for his hemp advocacy.

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She told her followers that she is now on the mend.

“Bear with me as I start to try and have a blast and help others every pain free day!!!” Love wrote. “I’ve been basically bedridden. I thought I was broken for sure this time. But I’m OK! So I’m just waking and I’m frail. I’ll be strong again soon!”

Love’s post was flooded with comments sharing well-wishes and sending prayers for her health.

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