Conspiracy theorists thought the Queen's Paddington clip was deepfake

Screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce who co-wrote the Queen’s 007 and Paddington sketches reveals conspiracy theorists thought the monarch’s appearance in the afternoon tea clip was a deepfake

  • Frank Cottrell-Boyce wrote the Queen wanted to star in the comedy sketch 
  • The clip was part of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
  • She walked along the halls of Buckingham Palace before ‘skydiving’ into stadium 
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The screenwriter who co-wrote comedy sketches starring the Queen has revealed conspiracy theorists thought her appearance in the Platinum Jubilee Paddington Bear clip was a deepfake. 

Frank Cottrell-Boyce also revealed the monarch was never initially supposed to star alongside James Bond in a comedy clip for the London 2012 Olympics – but was written into the script when she said she wanted a part.

The writer was was on the team for both the 007 skydiving sketch and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee clip in which she has afternoon tea with Paddington Bear.

The Queen was not originally supposed to feature in the 007 sketch alongside Daniel Craig which was filmed for the London 2012 Olympics, it has been revealed

The late monarch also starred alongside Paddington Bear in a sketch filmed for the Platinum Jubilee in June

Frank Cottrell-Boyce, a novelist and screenwriter who co-wrote sketches starring the Queen, said she stood to remind the British people ‘we share something good’

The Queen made the nation smile in June 2022 when she appeared in the clip woth the marmalade-loving bear after inviting him to Buckingham Palace to dine with her.

The monarch, who was known to have high tea every day revealed during their exchange that she shared his enthusiasm for marmalade sandwiches.

Opening her handbag and pulling out a sandwich, she said: ‘For later’ with a smile.

Writing for the Guardian about the late monarch’s appearance in the afternoon tea sketch, Mr Cottrell-Boyce said the symbolism of Paddington being ‘welcomed with tea and good manners’ represented a ‘strong set of values’.

He added in an age of division, the Queen represented a unity that is now under threat.

Royal fans have left little Paddington Bears outside Buckingham Palace as tributes to the late monarch

The writer revealed that, after the Paddington Bear sketch was broadcast, a conspiracy theory circulated that the Queen’s appearance in the clip was a deep fake creation and that the monarch had not really starred in it at all.

He concluded by saying he was ‘grateful’ for how the Queen used her ‘peculiar power’ to remind people that ‘we share something good’.

Following the passing of the monarch, royal fans who were touched by her sketch with Paddington Bear have left little bears and even marmalade sandwiches outside Buckingham Palace amid tributes. 

The monarch also starred in a sketch alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond in 2012, which was broadcast at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

Mr Cottrell-Boyce revealed the Queen ‘put herself up’ for the cameo appearance in which she ‘skydived’ into the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London.

However the novelist and screenwriter revealed the original plan had been for an actress to play her role.

Producer Tracey Seaward attended a meeting at Buckingham Palace to find out what the Queen would be wearing to the opening ceremony so they could dress the actress in the same outfit.

However, he wrote that the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly said: ‘Oh, she wants to be in it.’

The writer said that the clip became one of the Queen’s ‘defining moments’ as she surprised the nation with her cameo appearance which was meant to entertain ‘for one night only’.

The monarch’s appearance in the sketch delighted viewers and royal fans as she turned to greet him at Buckingham Palace with the line: ‘Good evening, Mr Bond.’ 

The pair then walked down the halls of the Palace with the Corgis in tow before hopping into a helicopter bound for the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

As the helicopter arrived at the stadium the Queen jumped out of the helicopter and opened a parachute imprinted with the Union Jack – before walking down the steps of the stadium with Prince Philip to sit down.

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