Competition: Win a Chanel handbag worth more than £4,000 courtesy of Xupes

We sat down with Reece Morgan from Channel 4's series Second Hand For Fifty Grand for a chat all about the behind the scenes gossip and his very own stash of designer goods.

The show goes behind the scenes of luxury second-hand website Xupes where Reece is head of operations and, thanks to his obsession, also king of handbags.

Before we get into the chat, the brand are also offering one special OK! reader a chance to win their very own Chanel double flap handbag which is worth more that £4000.

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Talking about the exciting prize, Reece said "We are so excited to give it away as it’s the most iconic piece we sell and most requested."

The vintage Chanel double flap bag has lots of history – in the 1950s Chanel offered women the first shoulder bag as an stylish alternative to the clutch.

It’s the perfect mix of elegance and practicality, as well as being an amazing asset to own as it will increase in value."

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You are a handbag guru – how did that come about?

"My obsession started when I was in my teens. My mum gifted me a Louis Vuitton set – she created the monster there!

"Then when I started working at Xupes in 2015, the directors saw me coming into the office with a different handbag every day – I’d been collecting for years – and they offered me the opportunity to start the handbag department.

"I pretty much learnt everything I know from working on the job, from handling the product and closely watching the luxury goods market."

Your clients include some very high profile names, including the Kardashians. What is the most expensive bag you’ve sourced?

"We handle lots of rare, unique items every day, and not everything makes it onto the site because some are pre-sourced for clients. We have a VIP list including politicians, footballers, Oscar-winning actors, etc.

The most expensive bag I’ve ever handled was a £260,000 Hermes Kelly 28 in Himalayan crocodile, with diamond and white gold hardware. I can’t say who it was for, but it went to a member of a royal family."

Handing that over must have been a special moment! Tell us about the time you delivered personalised Louis Vuitton bags to Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi…

In 2017 I commissioned artist Year Zero London to personalise some Louis Vuitton bags, with my first being an LV Alma bag with Kris Jenner’s face on it. Everyone thought I was crazy, telling me it wasn’t going to sell – turns out Kris bought it for Kylie as a gift. It wasn’t until late 2018 that Kylie posted the bag on her YouTube closet tour, and so the collaboration took off. As a thank you for the press Xupes received, we gifted Kylie and Stormi matching Louis Vuitton bags.

You are the head of operations at Xupes, a company redefining pre-owned luxury. Why should people look into buying a second-hand bag over a new one?

Besides the fact they will find much cooler, one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find in stores, it’s also a great way to save money and be more sustainable. Second-hand luxury fashion tends to get overlooked as no one thinks you’ll give away a Chanel bag, but you do. And the mass production of fashion pieces isn’t great for the environment, so it’s better to reuse.
My motto is ‘buy less and buy better’. If you purchase the right item they can appreciate in value, with some vintage styles up to 8% per year, which is far more than gold.

How does Xupes differ from its competitors?

Our exclusivity. I believe we are re-defining pre-owned. The terms second-hand and pre-owned still have negative connotations attached to them, so for us it’s really important to give an incredible customer experience as well as educate them about the pieces we sell. It’s also really important for us to source items that are in the best condition.

What three top tips would you give those looking to buy second-hand bag?

1) Be versatile: Buy a piece you won’t get bored of quickly and that can be worn in a variety of different ways.

2) Be classic and timeless instead of being trendy. They are more wearable and a better investment should you want to sell it.

3) Enjoy your bag – but carefully. Keeping it in tip-top condition helps the re-sale value.

What should we avoid when buying pre-owned luxury accessories?

Always buy from a reputable company to avoid buying a fake. A pre-owned handbag should have the serial number at a minimum, so it has some value when you purchase it.

Do you think lockdown has had an impact on what customers are looking for?

Yes, lockdown has certainly shifted our clients’ mind sets. Wear-ability and practicability is now crucial – which echoes how everyone is living their lives at the moment. Plus people are far more conscious of how they are spending their money.

Which classic handbags do you think will be big news for autumn? Give us your insider secrets please!

I have to mention the return of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City – we can expect to see a resurgence of Carrie-worthy styles like the Fendi Baguette. I also saw her wearing the new Gucci x Balenciaga in a pap pic, which I am desperate to get my hands on. Also, back-to-business styles as people return to work, heavy chains, lots of practical pieces. Oversized bags are also coming back – we’ve had lots of requests for these.

Who is your favourite handbag designer?

I love Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. I prefer vintage Chanel over contemporary, and the Hermes colour catalogue astonishes me every season – so many new shades.

Apparently you have 20 bags in your collection – can you tell us what they are?

I think I now probably own 30-40! I usually have a ‘one in, one out’ rule, but find this hard to stick to sometimes. I have lots of vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram as I collect them, a rare burgundy Chanel flap bag and my new orange Hermes to name just a few.

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