Clever nose contour method using £1 eye pencil hailed as genius by beauty fans

Thanks to a certain pandemic, TikTok went from being a Gen Z-loved phenomenon to a video-sharing app loved by all ages, and one that we now use to discover everything from easy cleaning hacks to bargain beauty tips and tricks.

The latest to catch our eye involves using a super cheap eye pencil to contour the nose, as served up by TikTok user Amina, aka @mymangot2jobs_.

“My 5 min no foundation makeup routine, I use my $1 eyeliner pencil to contour my nose,” she captioned the video as she showed off her unusual method, which involves defining either side of the nose using eye pencil before (we assume) finger blending.

The thrifty beauty creator then elaborated in the comments section, “Let me preface this by saying I am in no way shape or form saying I am the first person EVER to do this, there’s 7 billion people on this earth [but] I have personally NEVER seen or heard about this ‘method’, I just wanted to share what I found effective & affordable,” adding that “it makes my contour line perfect every time”.

Naturally, fellow bargain beauty lovers were also fans of the results of the affordable contouring trick, with the clip racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and almost two thousand users raving about it in the comments section of the video.

“Waittttt this is lowkey a hack,” said one, as another added, “I’m def about to start doing this. More controlled than the cream.”

Meanwhile a third chimed in with, “This is… genius. Why have I never seen this before???” as a fourth wrote, “I use the $1 Jordana pencils for my brows, contour, lip liner. Literally the best.”

Although it’s not clear exactly which $1 pencil Amina used herself, some affordable eye and lip pencils available in the UK include Collection Lasting Colour Lip Definer,£2.79 here, or Barry M Cosmetics Kohl Pencil,£2.99 here.

Of course, this isn’t the only cheap beauty hack to go viral on the app of late. One user found Real Techniques brushes and sponges on sale for as little as 99p, while several Dyson Airwrap dupes have been made popular by the app, including this £35 Amazon alternative.

We do love ourselves a good beauty bargain. TikTok strikes again!

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