Chris Pratt's New "What's My Snack?" Video Might Be His Funniest Yet

What is Chris Pratt eating today? Don’t worry, he’s going to tell you: in song. Scroll on to watch the star's hilarious Instagram mini-series.

"What's My Snack?" is back and yes, it's still hilarious. 

Chris Pratt knows what the people need and that's a good laugh. In a series of Instagram Stories uploaded on Oct. 13, the star revamped his viral foodie mini-show. 

"What's my snack? You asked for it, what's my snack? We're back!" he sang. "What's my snack? Season two the remix." Then he broke out into a beatbox sound with his mouth before panning his camera to a pre-packaged meal with a simple description label. 

"What do I got? Breakfast, Shakshuka, we got toast, we got zoug," he said before asking, "What the f–k is zoug?"

He continued, "Cucumber tahini salad, 480 cal, 22 fat, 35 carb, 22 proteins. Boom! That's the breakfast of a champion right there! Imma hammer this down and see how it goes. I will be back, with my snack." Moments later, Chris returns to his Stories to let viewers know that the meal had a surprise inside. 

"Guess what I found? There's bacon! Jamie you got me bacon, you didn't put that on the label, you little sneak!" he shouted excitedly before making an oddly familiar raptor-sounding noise. 

About three hours after that "episode," the Jurassic World star uploaded another additional "What's My Snack?" scene from a dressing room. 

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"I tell you what though, stone bass is a bitch," Chris hilariously told his followers. "'Huh?' I said, 'Stone bass is a bitch. What's my snack?" He then revealed another pre-prepared meal that read, "Stone bass escabeche."

"Stone bass escabeche," he sang. "With parsley oil, polenta, lambs lettuce— lambs lettuce? Well what the lambs ‘gon eat if we ate their lettuce?" 

The real question is, how do we turn this into a real show? 

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