‘Chicago Fire’s Eamonn Walker Promises ‘Huge Cliffhanger’ At The End Of Season 7 Finale

Brace yourselves for yet another epic and intense ‘Chicago Fire’ finale. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Eamonn Walker about what fans can expect in the final episode and how it will impact season 8.

There’s nothing quite like a Chicago Fire finale. Eamonn Walker, who plays Chief Boden, teased that the Chicago Fire season 7 finale will leave fans hanging by a thread. “There’s going to be a huge, huge cliffhanger and somebody might not make it back. Many people are going to get hurt,” he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the red carpet for NBC Entertainment’s 2019/2020 new season during Upfronts. Start your support groups now!

Chicago Fire has been renewed for season 8, so HL asked how the finale will lead into the next season. “Well, what happens in that very, very last episode is going to very, very dramatic and very, very hot,” Eamonn continued. “I was just remembering filming it and going, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was like shooting a movie and the production values were huge, what they gave us. How it’s going to affect everybody when we come back depends upon the reaction, I think. They haven’t written that first episode yet, but we’re going to take a break. Everybody needs one. We’ve had 5 months of winter in Chicago. I’m going to see how that goes down, and when people eventually get the news about what happens we’re going to let that dust settle.”

The synopsis for the season 7 finale reads: “Severide and Kidd continue to investigate Benny’s old arson case, unexpected news leads Brett to ponder a big decision and all hell breaks loose as the season concludes.”

The finale promo promises hints at trouble ahead for Severide (Taylor Kinney). “This could be his last stand,” the voiceover says. In the final moments of the Chicago Fire portion of the One Chicago promo, Casey (Jesse Spencer) says, “I’m going back in for Severide.” It appears Boden tries to stop him. Chicago Fire will return for season 8 in the fall of 2019.

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